Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So...the room project continues. i decided i wanted to do some of my own art for my walls... i've never painted anything in my life besides my room of course. and i must say, i'm fairly happy with the result. there was a weird sense of relaxation that came from painting these simple things... before i knew it 4 hours had passed and i had a completed project. kinda crazy. it was bittersweet to finish these masterpieces, it was nice to have them done, but i wanted to keep painting. i guess i'm just a picasso at heart or something. i mean look at those paintings. that's what i call talent.... ok i realize they aren't amazing... but ... for an amateur, i'm proud of myself. my room still isn't finished...but it's coming together and i'm loving it. i spend more time in here now than i ever have before...i used to avoid my room, and now i find excuses to be in it. yay me. that's all.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Soooo....i painted my room. i've wanted to change the color of my room probably for over a year and just haven't gotten around to it. i took friday off work cause i had originally planned to go to california to visit my sister...but that fell through... so i woke up friday morning and just decided i was gonna do it. i headed off to Lowes to buy paint and supplies...picked out my colors and was off. i was a painting mad man! i painted all day and am pretty happy with the result.(before on the top, after on the bottom) i haven't yet decorated my walls with pictures and such yet, which should bring it all together, but i like the colors i chose and am happy thus far. painting my room is always kinda a big thing for me. it brings a feeling of change... i lived with the old colors of my room for quite a while, went through alot of things with those colors..as strange as it sounds..so to just cover them up with another color kinda symbolizes a fresh start in my life. although the old paint is still underneath the new, all you can see is the fresh coat of paint. like my life, everything that happened during the time with the old color on my walls is still a part of me. yet, there are new things on the horizon. weird analogy i know. but it makes sense to me. school starts in a week for me..kinda crazy. i survived my freshman year of college and am on to yet another year of stress. yay. i'm excited for my classes though. they should be entertaining to say the least. i also have decided to audition for men's choir this week...something i basically vowed i would never do... but i had a weird revelation the other day and decided that it would be a good thing for me. so hopefully that goes well. work is still work...but i can't wait for my peeps to come back from summer vacation so that the real party can begin at work. what a hoot we all are. that's about it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Fountain of LOVE....and chocolate.

So...at work today we were celebrating a co-workers birthday...she brought a chocolate fountain...basically i dipped anything in sight into that chocolate....and i don't even like chocolate that much! but i couldn't resist the melty flowiness of that chocolate fountain...it made for some excitement at work...not to mention the girl 5 minutes before we closed who decided to start swearing in my face...it was a joyous day at work.

I came home and took a much needed nap...and then watch the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale..well part 1 of the finale...and all i have to say is that I love sabra...and i think lacey should just...stop. and put some clothes on...and stop being gross. yikes, i'm waaaaay to into this show.

After i wasted 2 hours of my day watching that show (which unfortunately turned out to be the most entertaining part of my day) i went to the gym to try and work off the 50 lbs of chocolate that i had engulfed earlier in the day....i don't think it worked. basically all that came out of my trip to the gym was some sweat...and feelings insecurity. nothing new.

and that was my day.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Seriously? Who do you think you are?

So....let me just explain something....9 of the 24 hours of my day are spent at work...aka, The Records Office. That's just 3 hours shy of half of the day...not to mention i'm only awake for 17 hours of that...so really it's more than half of my awake time...It's been a great job and i've been there for over a year...one problem... the majority of the people i help decide to take out their frustrations on me. I understand, people get frustrated...whatever... but i'm doing my job the best i know how...i don't care if you're "Paying for everything but i still can't get any of my daughter's information"...i don't care if you "received a confirmation telling me that the fax went through, so why didn't you get it?"... i don't care that your transcript didn't get the it's final destination... bottom line I DON'T CARE!!

so this past week at work has been well...to put it lightly...some sort of Hell on earth. I've never dealt with so many raunchy people in my life. well....that might not be true...but just follow me on this one. we were short handed due to the fact that 2 of the 5 part time employees at work were on vacation, another decides not to show up for 2 weeks without letting anyone know why, leaving the lowly records office with 2 part time employees... oh, and 1 borrowed employee from the office next door. Let's just say by the end of the week i wanted to scream...and then cry for 7 minutes. One phone call in particular made me really upset...some lady started getting mad at me cause we never recieved her transcript request so i continued to tell her that she needed to send in another one because we can't take transcript orders over the phone (thank you FERPA...aka we need a signature to release any academic information to a third party) she proceeded to yell at me and tell me how ridiculous that was blah blah blah....then my favorite part was when she told me that the only reason she would have to do that was so that i could have a summer job. That all this was just busy work and she shouldn't have to do it. In my mind i was thinking.... "Seriously? who do you think you are? who put you on a pedastal and made you god?"....but my mouth wouldn't let me say it out loud unfortunately...so i proceeded to apologize for the inconvenience and tell her that if she didn't send in another request she wouldn't be receiving any transcripts.

I need a break.