Tuesday, September 25, 2007

school. life. whatever.

it's kind of weird how quickly life changes. school started. i'm already behind...probably to the point of no return, but yet i still push forward...don't ask why. i stayed up til 2 a.m. last night writing a paper that probably doesn't even make sense. it would have been better to just not even turn it in. oh well. as i was talking to my friend last night (shout out joe curtis) we both wondered how our bodies even functioned with how little sleep we get. it's a miracle really. i wouldn't be surprised if one day i just died...due to sleep deprivation. i wouldn't mind it. i'm sure there are soft beds in heaven. i would love it. i'm sure the pillows are nice and comfy. and the blanket would provide that perfect bubble of warmth that you never want to get out of. mmm....i like it like that.

the sad thing about my life is that the most exciting thing that happened to me recently was an amazingly dramatic episode of "The Hills" on mtv.... nevermind the whole part about my life that i'm in college and severely behind.. this episode was intense. and made me smile from ear to ear. or whatever.

school has kind of engulfed my life though...so i don't know how i'm so far behind...maybe it's those dang "game nights" at the andersen household that are ruining my life. but i highly doubt it. those nights bring joy to my soul. especially when underground text messaging conversations emerge. couldn't get any better than that. yee.

well this has been a nice distraction from pretending that i am doing homework, but i should get back to pretending.