Monday, October 8, 2007

gas...... or should i say fuel?

Going to the gas station is a love-hate relationship for me. I noticed today that the needle on my fuel gage was well... radically left (in my car...this means empty). I'm sure it's been this way for a couple of weeks and i've just been putting off going to the gas station for a number of reasons which i will now discuss.

1: The gas station that i prefer (Holiday) is north of my house, and i tend to travel south... so having to make a special trip to the gas station just doesn't appeal to me.
2: Gas station = money stealer.
3: Gas Stations nowadays are Self Serve...This means i have to personally get out of my car, swipe my card, take the nozzle off the hook, choose what kind of gas i want, unscrew the cap, insert the nozzle, hold the handle, wait outside in the frigid cold Utah air, watch the dollar amount increase rapidly, and to top it all off i have to wait for the receipt at the end of the transaction.... granted i wasn't even alive when "gas station attendants" would so kindly do all of this and more for you, just the thought makes me wish i was 50 years older...not to mention 5 cents a gallon back then.

Now i'm sure you're wondering where the love part of this relationship comes in...and here it is. Since i was a wee lad i've loved the smell of gas stations... no i'm not the creepy type that goes and sniffs gas until i pass out just to get a high... but the smell of gas holds so many memories that are near and dear to my heart. For example: 3 years old, just before heading north to my grandparents farm we were doing a quick little fill up. I wanted to help my dad so he willingly let me... i was holding the handle firmly like my dad told me. gas was flowing so freely into the tank...and well i got scared that the tank was going to overflow, so i pulled the handle out........... my dad didn't tell me that holding the handle firmly is what made the gas flow so nicely. out came a lovely fountain of unleaded gasoline. I guess i hadn't taken a shower that day and thought that gas might be a good alternative to water. it wasn't. here i was drenched in gas...the smell all around me. and of course i start bawling. long story short, i survived and i love the smell of gas. Not only do i love the smell, but the convenient store located inside holds so many treasures... candy, soda, hot dogs, nachos, Halls cough drops, chips.. you name it. How would i have survived in high school without getting my 48 oz Dr. Pepper for only $1.20 daily? I ask this often and am still searching for an answer.

Perhaps i should get off my lazy bum and go to the gas station.