Tuesday, December 23, 2008


that's short for memories for those of you who don't speak my language. My sister found this little gem as she was scanning some old family photos.
For those of you who don't recognize the cutest little couple seen in the red striped polo and floral print dress...with puff sleeves (thank you anne of green gables). that would be me and one of my very best/longest lasting friends, Marianne White, at our preschool graduation program. We have known each other for 15 years. The only people i've known longer than that are my family members. Marianne and I have many fond memories together, here are a few:
-Swinging on the swings in her backyard and getting blood blisters from the chains.
-Playing for hours in her basement
-First kiss (in preschool! i was a playa even back then...although neither of us remember this incident, but have been told it really did happen...while eating hot dogs. sexy.)
-She was there when my pet turtle bit me and i had to go to the doctors office. :)
-Marianne caused a slight hole to appear in my trampoline once. :)
-Marianne took me on my first date, and it was hers as well. Sadies i believe...i could be totally wrong. (sorry about not giving you my jacket. i suck as a date)
-Classes together in college
-Founders of TLFL.

and those are only a few. So here's to you Marianne, and another 15 years of friendship. Thanks for putting up w/ me all these years. No one can even compare to our cuteness when we're in the same room.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it's been almost a week since i've updated...shocking i know. i kinda skipped over the whole thanksgiving holiday...mostly because i was upset at my phone. but...that anger is now gone. after a good exorcism, my phone seems to be working fine...so back to thanksgiving we go.

It was kind of different for me this year... most of my family wasn't able to make it home for this particular holiday so life around the Morrell home was a little quiet. Tom, Julie and her little family, my parents and myself were the only ones to sit around the table and eat a lovely dead bird..accompanied by his friends; mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cheese ball, monkey bread (love and miss you granny), and the "cult" favorite jello with sliced apples.... my tummy got full and my bowels grumbled once or twice and it was a great day to think about all i'm grateful for in this life. i feel truly blessed. I wouldn't be who i am today without my wonderful family and amazing friends. In the past year i feel i have grown so much as a person and alot of that is due to those of you whom i've had the opportunity to come to know and love.

Let's see....the day after thanksgiving was well..the dreaded black friday. and, yes, i had to work that day. fortunately i was scheduled at night (Praise the Lord)... i went expecting hectic hell, and was pleasantly greeted with calm goodness. Granted it wasn't like completely dead, but we got out of there an hour early....which i will be thankful for next thanksgiving since my chance this year had passed. I think i worked the following morning too...but i don't remember. anyways, i survived my first black friday in retail and fear i may have been pampered a bit. let's hope next year either A) i won't be in retail, or B) i am pampered again.

Life went on from that point.....nothing too exciting. I continued working 8-5 at the Records office....i've really come to love that place in it's own special way. (if you're not a coworker of mine, you might get bored w/ this paragraph...you can skip ahead) I spend more time there than anywhere else. I love each of my coworkers in their own special way. I love watching laura hobble around due to a recent knee surgery, and just talking to her about everything that's going on in life. i love matching clothes with brittany. i love coral's perfect managing skills and her unconditional and undeserving kindness. i love diane's Mary Murphy laugh and commonly said phrases such as "You're a gentleman and a scholar". I love Mary Whipples sweet spirit, and hugs...and her naivity...and i love the day she called me fatty. I love the close friendship i've come to gain with amber, how i can talk to her about just about anything and i know she'll give me her honest opinion, and she'll try to see my side as well. I also love driving her crazy by not having any physical contact whatsoever. I love jessica for training me when i was hired as apart time employee....and then training me when i moved to full time. I love my other coworkers that i've known for years....Ashley, Kristin, and I have been through 2 years of the records office together...we've had our ups and downs, we've watched kristin date and get married, and ashley be her crazy but loveable self....and growing shoe collection. I love the fact that julie and i are coworkers...again. started out at chucks together, and have now been reunited via the BYU records office. And to the rest of you coworkers who i didn't mention, i seriously do love you. You've all helped me grow in many ways. so thank you. i sound like i'm dying or something w/ all this sappy talk. i'm not dying. just reflecting :)

so...yeah...back to life after black friday. i saw twilight again. making it viewing #3. loved it. again. Saw nick and norah's infinite playlist. loved it. again. and now we've reached last weekend...which was surprisingly eventful. quite unusual for me.... Friday night i went to the Christmas Choir concert here at BYU. (i'm gonna reflect a bit more...forgive me) it's weird that a year has gone by since i was the one performing in this concert. It brought back a lot of memories just sitting there in the audience and watching some amazing performances happen. I love choral music, especially during christmas time. It made me miss being a part of an amazing group of musicians, and hope to someday be able to do it again. They even sang a song that i was able to sing last year in choir, and it's my favorite. entitled "Carol of Joy", composed by Ron Staehli, it's great. i wish i could figure out how to put it on this post...but i'm kinda computer stupid and don't know how...any tips would be great.

So. yeah. loved the concert. inspired me. then saturday rolls around and i worked from 10-5. i was only scheduled til 4, but it was insanely busy. moreso than black friday to be quite honest so i was nice and stayed an extra hour. they love me there...i know it :). that night i was able to go to "Divine Comedy" with a co-worker of mine...shout out carrie allen! i had never been to one of these shows....scripted comedy skits. but had heard it was pretty funny. so....while it didn't completely live up to expectations, it had it's funny moments...and they threw out thousands of glowsticks which i love so i enjoyed my time. thanks carrie!

Mom and dad were out of town sunday and tom had to work so he asked me to teach his sunday school lesson for him. so i did. it was about the brother of jared, pretty simple. but as i was teaching the 15 year olds i once again became reflective and realized how lame i was when i was 15, and while they were annoying, i'm sure i was just as bad. i finally was able to get them to shut up and listen to me about the importance of faith and prayer. which is something i really do have a testimony of. it's so simple. so it was nice to be able to teach that lesson.

and now we've finally reached this week....nothing much has happened. it was amber's birthday on tuesday so we went to lunch at magleby's fresh. pretty good. Notice in the picture to the left how we're not even close to touching eachother... that's how we roll :) then tonight we had our division work party...it was hawaiian themed and i was able to bring a date. So of course i brought ms. Deanna Roark...one of my all-time favorite people. She is so motivated and so kind. I'm lucky to know her as well. she makes me happy inside and out.

Tomorrow is my last day of class, and i'm excited yet sad. I 've loved this class to be quite honest and wish i was able to take more classes dealing w/ interior design right away...but alas it's not in my plans to take anymore classes from byu. so i'll have to wait til later. i finished my final project tonight and am very pleased w/ it.

my fingers are tired, and so are your eyes i'm sure. i apologize.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


my phone (aka my second heart) is possessed. i feel like i'm dying. i can't text, call, or take sexy pictures of myself. basically....my life is ruined and my real heart might as well just stop pumping blood through my veins.

.....mmm k. i'm not that emo...... but it makes me mad that this is happening to me....again. This is the second phone that i've had to get because of the same type of possession. buttons are being pushed without me touching them. i can't push the buttons at all. it won't let me do anything! tragic. cry for me, and pray for my phone. thanks all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


obsession. here's post #3 for the night but i couldn't help it. i just discovered ms. zooey deschanel's voice....and i love it. they're a little drunk i think, but who cares...their voices are great. especially ms. deschanel's.


just realized my last 2 posts kinda sucked. sorry folks, i'll try to repent and be better. bear with me.


work has been insane the past couple of days. I don't know if it's because of the holiday last week or what but i've felt like i've been behind all week......granted there's only been two days this week...but still! if i have to type another address for the university of phoenix, i might hurt someone. i feel like the typing never stops, and my eyes start to burn around 10 am....making the days feel very long. somehow i survive.... but i'm ready for the madness to stop. i beg and plead with you to not order any transcript from BYU....unless you want it sent priority or overnight mail...then i have nothing do with it and will never see your request, which i'm totally fine with :) thanks all!

Monday, December 1, 2008


i was reminded today how much i love this girl's voice. it's so amazingly pure and great. Here's one of my faves of hers...

I had the chance to meet up with natalie in person and have brunch w/ her when i was in New York. It was an interesting experience to say the least. i'm sure some day she'll make it.... somewhere :) it's amazing to me how much talent there is in the world, and watching/listening to it makes me want to be better.

Anyways, here's another fave...

ps: saw Twilight again tonight... and i love it still.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


my favorite team was eliminated tonight on the amazing race. RIP Dallas and Toni....not that they died, but...basically the same thing. All i can hope for now is that Nick and Starr win the money. i need a life.

do NOT...

...see this movie

...why? you may ask. Here's why.... I spent 2 1/2 hours trying to figure out the story, and am not sure that i understand it even now. my synopsis is as follows, "From cow herding western to WWII movie...with one common factor, the Wizard of OZ". this movie had EVERYTHING....but in a bad way. It was really unfortunate because i love both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, and honestly their acting was pretty great...but the story was just.... horrible. my suggestion: don't waste your time.

please DO see this movie...

I had been meaning to go see this movie, but never got around to it...praise the lord for the DOLLAR MOVIES!!! best dollar i've spent in a long time. This movie was true to Michael Cera movie form. It had a very "Juno" feel to it, at least for me. This lovely little high school romance film is one of the best i've ever seen. The humor was dry, their love was real, it was crude, and it included one of the best vomiting scenes i've ever seen in my life. I highly recommend this one.

So i guess you can see what my thanksgiving break consisted of...movies. well... and work. Which has been good, i'm getting more comfortable at my lovely home away from home away from home aka banana republic. (my home away from home would be the records office..). My coworkers are all really nice, and i haven't had an angry customer yet...knock on wood.

so...as i raise my shot glass high in the air....Here's to another year gone by, another turkey feast, and another lazy weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2008


saw it again tonight. loved it even more the second time. something i didn't think possible.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Seeing this movie this was the happiest moment of my weekend...

I won't give my full review on the movie, i'm just gonna say that i loved it and can't wait to see it again. if you want to argue with me, fine. do so. just know that it will be a one-sided argument...i'm not gonna fight back. not worth my time. i loved it. you should love it too, and if you don't...i'm sorry that you feel you wasted 2 hours of your poor pathetic life. inquire within if you'd like to hear my full review.

Watching this was the second happiest moment of my weekend....

I've always LOVED sarah mclachlan, and fell more in love with her when i saw her live in Salt Lake a few years back.... i also have always had this thing for Pink. Not only is her voice edgy and cool, she knows who she is and what she stands for and doesn't back down. So... i was happy enough to have sarah singing to me tonight during the AMA's...but then when Pink started harmonizing, i was in freaking heaven. i died. (figuratively)

In other news...

I worked my first normal shift at Banana Republic, and despite the nerves and anxiety that came before my shift started, i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed it. The people that work there are really nice, and were really helpful and understanding of my novice status when it comes to retail. I feel like i picked things up pretty quickly and when it was time for the store to close i was surprised that time had flown by so quickly. After the store closed, we had to straighten everything up which took about 2 hours, but it was this time that i enjoyed the most. I was able to get to know some of my new coworkers and they were able to get to know me a little bit more. spastic little me. It was fun... in the words of little orphan annie "i think i'm gonna like it here".....i can't believe i just incorporated little orphan annie into a blog post.


I sang in church today. which...was fun. Call me vain but i love hearing my own voice projected through a microphone. I don't care if anyone else hears it or likes it, but i like hearing it. There's just something about hitting a money note and hearing it echo through a building that i love. Hopefully i have more chances to do that sometime in the near future. The song was "O Divine Redeemer"...not my choice. This song has an insanely broad range of notes, and it had me singing notes that i never ever sing... i.e. G. typically my highest note is somewhere around an E, so...singing this at 11 in the morning was quite the challenge. granted, it wasn't the prettiest note i've heard come out of my mouth, but it wasn't bad for being so early in the morning.

I fear next weekend won't be nearly as exciting. i work on black friday, and the day after. should be interesting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want...

my voice to sound like his. (gavin creel)

(my favorite song of his can be found here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nycA5Hn9rWI written by Michael Arden, sung by Gavin Creel)

i also want to see this live again. and again. and again.

i want her...

.... to sing to me on a daily basis

i want to be her best friend...

I want to make a video as amazing as this one...with carrie as the star.

I want to work for her....

and be Brad Goreski's best friend

I want to go to school here...
......but probably wont.

i want this car...

and this house....

but to be quite honest, i'm really happy with what i have right now. AMAZING family and friends. a place to sleep at night. a steady job. a mind of my own. goals. a shower. a tv. a computer. a car that runs. food to eat.

i'm learning to appreciate more and more the things i already have. I've realized that there's no point in wasting my life worrying about tomorrow, when i can be enjoying what i have today.

granted....if someone wanted to give me any of the above items, i'd glady accept them :)

that's all.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So....i've had the urge to write a really good blog post...because i'm a freak. Unfortunately no divine inspiration has come, so this post will not be that really good one...it'll just be normal, which hopefully will hold me over 'til i become a vessel of truth and light :)

ANYWAYS. here's the update:

I started training at Banana and have my first normal shift .....next saturday. yeah.... your thoughts are my thoughts. Why is it so far away? i have no idea. it frustrates me a little bit, but i can't complain. They're willing to pay me to stand and look pretty for hours on end...which i can do... oh i guess i'm supposed to like sell some stuff too every now and then... we'll see if that happens.

I recently found out that they are changing my job at the records office from 3/4 time to full time this coming semester....so that'll be nice to make some extra money....well...more money than i was expecting to make because technically i'm currently working full time, but was planning to be 3/4 in january...but...no longer. i'll be full time. yay.

So....what are my plans for the future you may ask? i will tell. I'm seriously looking into moving down to southern california..... sounds crazy i know. but i've always wanted to live down there, and i've always kind of wanted to go to school down there. BYU doesn't offer the program i want (Interior Design) and so i feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to combine my desires. Only problem is... Money. if you're not a resident, school becomes a million times more expensive. so...current plan is to go down there and live for year to become a resident. SO i'll just work (hopefully) and live life and save a little money in hopes to then go to school in a year. i know, it doesn't sound all that great, but it gives me something to look forward to. and i figure, if it's not supposed to happen... then i'll know and i'll move back home and live with my parents for the rest of my life.

the end.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you must...

buy this album.

once again this is me coming out of the closet. i've tried to keep my archuleta fan status hidden...but with the release of this album, i couldn't keep it in any longer. it greatly exceeded my expectations of "the little mormon that could."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

don't make this mistake...

a coworker informed me that she couldn't remember my blog web address, so she typed in "http://blah.blogspot.com/"..... :) enjoy.


I have kept my mouth shut this entire time regarding prop 8 (ban on gay marriage in california). and to be honest, i didn't really care about the outcome of this proposition. When the church came out asking all those who could to support this proposition, i was fine with that. I think it's great that the church will voice their opinion and urge people to voice their own opinion regarding it as well. I think this was the original intent of the Church authorities, just to inform people and to urge them to take a stand if they felt so inclined......unfortunately it turned into something much more ugly, and i am appalled by some of the things that have been said. I wouldn't care so much if people had focused on the proposition itself and hadn't begun to take personal stabs at those who were against it, and those it affected. I have truly seen the ugly side of people in the recent weeks and i can't stand it. I've heard the same comments from numerous people such as "they're going to hell"(referring to those who are gay, and/or are against the proposition) and "They'll be the first ones gone in the second coming" and "they are sick people"...... i mean...... really people? REALLY? are you listening to yourself speak? do you understand what some of these people are going through? i really wish you would take a second to think about what you're saying before you say it. Some of the most AMAZING people i know are gay. They are the nicest, most generous, loving people...and would never say anything negative about someone like that. Granted there are those who may not be good people..but let's leave it up to God please....IT IS NOT OUR PLACE TO JUDGE. I may be wrong because i haven't been involved in all of the talks regarding prop 8, but i do not believe that any of the general authorities have come out and said "anyone who votes against prop 8 will go to hell" or that "gay people will be the first ones to suffer during the second coming".

Like i said, i think it's great that the church took a stand on what it believes and encouraged it's members to participate if they so desired. But shame on all those who took it a step further and began judging their own brothers and sisters without even knowing them.

i'm done ranting.


Patience (ˈpā-shənz) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.

So, patience is something i've always struggled with. I am kind of fast paced, and typically want things to happen my way. But over the past few months it's something that i've been trying really hard to work on... There have been a few events recently, even yesterday, that have tested my patience. But i've realized that being patient is a simple decision. I've realized how much of a change in attitude has occurred for me by just making the decision to be patient. I am less anxious, more understanding, and have been able to occupy my brain with things other than worry.

I like the definition provided above, because at least in my life my patience is tested most in difficult circumstances, where i want something more than anything and i have to wait for it. I also love where it states "without becoming annoyed or upset". Sure, one can endure for certain amounts of time and wait for something to come to pass..... but doing it without becoming annoyed or upset is the important part. I urge anyone who may find themselves angry or annoyed often to check their patience level and see if you can improve. I know that since making the decision to be more patient, my life has been blessed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


...you whore. (sorry couldn't resist myself from quoting one of my fave movies. mean girls)

anyways....halloween was fun. I don't typically dress up, but i thought that this year i might as well dress up for work and try to make the day fun. SO, since the office decided to not really go along with the theme that was chosen, i just went to savers and bought the nastiest stuff i could find. i feel i succeeded in some respect...would you agree?

This is my bfffw amber and I in our hot costumes. I made rootbeer for the office and had a fun time treak-or-treating around the ASB...... my life is pathetic. haha here's some more photos from the day....

A hot mess.

The Morning Crew

Me being freaked out by Elphaba (from Wicked) aka maren.
Afternoon Crew
the full-timers...well...some of them.

The Nephs came to visit/trick or treat. i'm their fave of course.
oh hey!

Being violated...

Being punished....
Amber sucking the lives of little children...or fog created when making rootbeer. either way. i prefer the Hocus Pocus reference myself.

After work i took myself out to see "Changeling" the new Clint Eastwood film, starring Ms. Angelina Jolie herself. and...i loved it. for the most part. The movie itself wasn't all that great, a little too long and a little disturbing....but Angelinas performance was perfect. I was sucked in from the moment she stepped onto the screen. I wont go into much detail about the movie at this point, but if you're curious about it... inquire within.

After the movie my friend Angela and i went to eat at chilis.... it had been way too long since my last visit (maybe a month..) and i kept seeing these commercials for their new chicken crisper tacos.... and i have to say........ they were freaking de-lish-us. i would recommend to any and all. i love chilis.

Time for bed.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


i got the job.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There have been so many blogworthy occurrences today, i couldn't let another minute go by without spewing my thoughts on the events of day. So...we'll go in chronological order.

It all started this morning when i was eating my muffin that had been sitting on my desk at work for 3 days (don't worry, it was in a ziploc bag...safe from the elements) and i said, "did you know that there's actually a name for just the top of the muffin?" to which my coworker (shout out laura) replied, ".....Muffin Top?". From there the conversation went downhill as we discussed the unfortunate occurence of muffin topping as seen here. Do you see the resemblence? I have seen my fair share of this in my lifetime...and i always ask myself..."do they not realize this is happening?" i mean....it seems like it'd be rather obvious. Granted i have been cursed with love handles that sometimes get out of control....but at least i cover them up. I plead with all of you to make sure you never "muffin top" it is nasty and unnecessary. buy a bigger shirt if you must.

Next blogworthy item of business: At work i sit next to a huge wall of windows. The windows are treated w/ that stuff so that it's harder to see into them than it is to see out of them, creating a mirror effect. My desk happens to be located right by the big porch which leads to the entrance of my building. Because of this, people are constantly looking at themselves in the "mirror" and don't realize i'm right behind it....much like a two way mirror. We've seen our share of people taking a second glance at themselves, couples making out, cleaning one's braces etc. but today i witnessed something that i NEVER want to see again. There was a couple (see picture...) canoodling and all of a sudden i see her reach up and POP his NECK ZIT....it get's better. she WIPES the DISCHARGE of the zit ONTO HIS SWEATER. i about died...and my muffin from earlier almost made an appearance on my desk again. She continued 'grooming' him for the next 5 minutes. Popping zits here, flicking off hair there, licking her finger and slicking his hair...i mean...nasty crap. If i ever get married, i will NEVER let my lover touch my imperfections....especially in public. sick.

Third blogworthy item: Ever since i have worked in the office there have been beenie baby like fish laying around at the Full-Time employees desk. The inspiration comes from "pikes fish market" in seattle washington where they came up with a method to a positive work environment that we try to utilize in our office: "Play, Make their Day, Be There, Choose Your Attitude"....so...today i was able to choose my own lil' fish. I was more excited than i probably should have been.... there were many colors of fish to choose from, and in varying sizes... i of course picked the scrawny runt of the fish litter. My coworker (shout out ashley cooper) asked what i was going to name it...i had no idea... she suggested "Norville"...but i heard "Nordle"...so, everyone.... meet "Nordle"

Final Blogworthy moment: Stopped by sonic for lunch today....as we were walking into sonic i look over and a guy is in his car, eating his tots, shirtless, just chillin. all alone. And i thought to myself.... a) it's chilly in utah right now, put a shirt on. b).....there was no B. i was just confused. but he seemed happy with this tots and lack of shirt..so good for him. Just so you although i love sonic tots, i will never eat them shirtless all alone in the sonic parking lot. I find it trashy, and strange.

interview tonight. let the sweaty palms begin.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i love seeing famous people....and i feel slightly like a stalker. Here's why:

So today for TLFL (Tuesday Lunch for Life...a tradition that my friends from high school and I have started...eating out during devotional each week :)) we went to Zupas (one of my favorite places to eat) and my dear friend Marianne White (whom i've known since i was 4, and love) said "Hey, It's the girl from 'The Next Food Network Star"" so of course i look, and instantly become enthralled in her life at Zupas. Indeed it was Kelsey from this last season, whom i watched because she went to BYU etc. etc. so i kinda watched the show because of her. All of a sudden I'm star struck...and of course take a creepy stalker photo of her...because that's what i do best. Granted it's only the back of her, but i promise you...it was her.
Anyways, this got me thinking...and i realized that i seriously have a fascination with being in the presence of people who have at some point had fame in the entertainment world. I've recently had the chance to meet, even just briefly, some amazing actors/actresses from musicals and such...and it's such a rush for me. And for some reason i turn into a different person around them...i'm not the typical shy little mikey, i have no problem walking up to them and being like "hey, i like your stuff!"....and they usaully fall in love with me right then. (or hate the fact that they have to deal with another annoying fan...) But there's nothing like being able to say "i've met them"....and i do my best to not seem like a stalker. but i've realized that i kind of am. but not a creepo one...a nice one. So to all of those famous people out there who read my blog, because i know there are many of you, i promise i'll be a nice stalker when i have the chance to run into you in a public place. And if you would be so kind as to pose for a picture with me, i'd greatly appreciate it. And to those of you who are famous who i've already met....sorry if i creeped you out. i mostly am just envious of your talent/money.

Anyways.... i have a second interview with Banana tomorrow. I guess i was hot enough to actually be considered for a job there, so they wanna get to know me a little more and hopefully hire me. So we'll see about that. I don't necessarily want a second job, but i want the money that a second job will bring me...so that i can pursue my goals and move on in life. Which would be lovely.

Lame post. sorry.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I lied.

please read the "happiness." entry before reading this one. thanks.

Remember when i said i had no other news? i lied. I applied for a second job so that i can save some moneys.... and i have a group interview Saturday at Banana Republic. I'm excited, yet nervous. Mostly because i've never done a group interview.... if anyone out there has done one and has some advice for me...i'd greatly appreciate it. i want to work at this place so i have an excuse to buy their marvelous clothing. the end.

i lied. again. it's not the end.

in order to look HOT for my interview, my friend/relative Chelsea Neiger will be dying (is that the right form of that word?) hair tomorrow...a little excited about it. i may or may not post pictures, but just know...im excited. and wish me luck.


So, while I had the TV on during the new episode of "The Hills" this week...(wasn't really paying attention cause it kind of bores me now to be quite honest...too much fake drama in one half-hour) they commented on how there will be a spin-off called "The City" starring none other than my favorite cast member of "The Hills" Ms. Whitney Port (pictured here..). I need to meet this girl. I really think we're soulmates...and i'm not just saying that casually....i really think we were meant to be together. This was first made known to me when, instead of saying "what the freak" (mormon version) she said the letters "W-T-F"..... i mean....... are we not just a match made in heaven? So... will someone out there please hook a brother up? anyways, i love her. her personality makes me laugh/smile on frequent occasion.

in other news............................oh wait, there is no other news. my life is boring. TTFN!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

dreams....and other things.

Alright, so i just woke up from one of the most profound dreams i've had in a while..and everyone will laugh when they read about it...but i loved it. i seemed so smart. here's the scenario:

i was on the MTV show "Real World" (my dream/secret ambition in life) and we had to travel to do this promo shot for "The Amazing Race" (another ambition) where we were the ones to hand them the next clue or whatever. The producers had also asked some past cast members of the "Real World" to be there...and one of them happened to be Julie Stoffer (sp?) the mormon chick who made a mockery of herself and the church on TV. SO...we're flying over a big grassy area in a flying ship (that's where the dream part kicks in) and as we fly over Julie I yell "Hey! Julie! i'm from Orem Utah!!" and she gives me this look like she's about to kill me and says "Orem Utah is Full of apostates and sinners and liars!!!".........................yeah. don't really get where that came from but anyways, this sparked in my dream brain the idea to go talk to her about her life etc. and maybe bring up some aspects of the gospel, and bring her "back into the fold"....so not like me but whatever...it's a dream...anything can happen right? SO eventually we get in the same room (after our ship had a malfunction and i had to jump out the window to escape and almost fell off a cliff into the ocean) and i start talking to her about life and stuff...Somehow the topic of Jesus Christ comes up and she says "If he loves me then why do i feel so angry and sad after i get drunk"...actually she's kind of yelling this and being dramatic along with saying some other obscene things. (hence the reason she was on Real World in the first place) and when i finally have a moment to say my thoughts, and she's calmed down i say something that is so simple and probably everyone has thought before so it's not that profound, but for me...it kind of was. I said "you know what julie? Jesus Christ has felt all the pain in the world. He knows what it feels like to be you. And isn't that the best thing to have? A friend who knows exactly what you've been through and are going through? someone you can turn to? He's not there to make all your pain go away... we're here to have trials, and to feel as our He has at times, to experience this mortal life. We are the ones who have to figure out how to stop our own anger and our own pain, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be with us every step of the way, with a shoulder to cry on when our own decisions make us unhappy. If drinking is making you unhappy then stop!"....basically that's the extent of my dream. I woke up and had to write it down so, what better way to do that than in blog format? anyways....so like i said, not THAT profound but in it's simplicity it made sense to me and made me feel better about some things in my life.

In other news..... Kelsey and Mare were throwing a little birthday bash for our friend Zac Efron who turned 21 yesterday. (i told people who asked what i was doing that i was going to a birthday party for a friend. ha!) I mean, i'm not the biggest Zac Efron fan in the world...but it was something to do. We watched Highschool Musicals 1 & 2....not the biggest fan of those either, would've much rather watched hairspray BUT it wasn't my party, so i can't complain. A fun night was had by all. here's some pics.


The man himself....and Zac Efron



Thursday, October 16, 2008

and the winner is.....


It was a great season finale of project runway last night. The top 3 designers all had very different styles, crazy psycho eclectic girl: Kenley, African princess: Korto, and chic/modern/classy: Leanne. Kenley was the beast of the season, and Korto had the best personality in my opinion...but i feel Leanne deserved to win. Her clothes always seemed to be very well made and her style seems to be fairly fresh and new. my favorites from her final collection are as follows:

although the other designers did have some pretty cool looks too...

my favorite of Korto's:

Favorite of Kenley's:

anyways. i love this show. can't wait for next season...but until then: Top Chef...here i come.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

give me your thoughts...

i've been considering starting another blog...more of a "themed" blog of which i only talk about a certain topic.... here are some options i have:

1) crazy people i see on campus everyday and my thoughts regarding them
2) men's fashion
3) reality tv shows
4) picture of the day
5) favorite facebook news feeds.

i am completely open to other suggestions.... so please. PLEASE give me your thoughts, impressions, feelings, etc.


"The Rachel Zoe Project"

I had to say goodbye to my best friends last night-- Rachel, Brad, and Taylor. I've come to love these people in the few short weeks i've been able to get a glimpse into their life through the wonderful invention entitled "The Television". These people are insane, and that's why i love them. Taylor is the meanest beast i've ever seen, but she has a soft side. Brad has a sense of humor similar to that of my own, and impecable style. Rachel, while extremely over the top, is extremely down to earth and genuinely nice. the best rachel moment of the season was last night, where after brad had screwed up royally (he forgot to leave rachel a 'kit' with a client which included but was not limited to: thongs, heel pads, nipple covers etc) taylor was a beast to him about it, and rachel was pretty upset, so brad completely breaks down and says he can't do it anymore blah blah blah, he's bawling in rachels room and she goes "it's ok brad. it's just clothes. we can overcome this" haha....just thought it was funny. anyways, love these people. look forward to seeing them soon. Until then, i'll continue to use their catch phrases...which i love. I die.

The project runway finale is tonight, and i'm sad...but also excited. more to come.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Out of the closet...

(disclaimer...extremely long. brace yourself)

...and under those magical Golden Arches, aka MCDONALDS!!!

i'm totally loving it....so it's no secret anymore. I was once a closet lover of this oldschool/ghetto/trashy lil' place...but i'm not afraid to admit it anymore. I love myself some Mickey-Dee's. For all you haters out there.... when was the last time you made a visit to this little slice of heaven on earth? .... exactly. at least 3 years ago...trust me. alot has improved since then. I was reminded of this as i drove cross-country this past weekend (ok...across 3 states) and I was in dire need of some nourishment, when what do i see? but those Bright, Glowing, Magical Golden Arches of love. But my secret love story doesn't start here.... it starts about a year ago in a little place known as Laie H
awaii....... ***Insert saved by the bell dream transition here*** ...... Living in Hawaii to go to school for a term was an interesting experience to say the least. Living off cafeteria food is not something i would suggest for anyone..... (especially after working there and seeing a dead rat on the floor...but that's another story) SO while Laie doesn't have many food options, it does have one that may have saved my life. you guessed it. McDonalds. As i ventured there one day in order to escape the world of cafeteria food, i thought to myself... "i never really liked this place...except for maybe the big macs and that divine orange Hi-C drink" so i decided to be brave and branch out of my one true comfort at this place. I ordered the chicken nuggets. Having been a fanatic of wendy's chicken nuggets, i felt a little rebelious and disloyal..(is that a word? you get the point) But as i bit into this tasty little nugget, i fell in love. Not only with the nugget itself, but the sweet and sour sauce brought joy to my soul. the combination of the two (and ranch dressing of course) was a match made in heaven. Since then i have discovered other wonderful things on this formerly ghetto/white trash menu....including but not limited to the AMAZING double cheeseburger for only $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you freaking believe it? i mean......... how can you get better than that? ever since then.... it's been a match made in heaven. However, i tend to only go there when i need a fix, mostly because i don't want anyone i know to see me there. you know how that goes. So, I'm curious....what are you're closet loves? watching 7th heaven marathons? the taste of your own earwax? let me know. On another note, like mentioned above i just got back from a little trip i took to Vegas and California. I had purchased tickets to see some shows that i was really excited to see, so i took my lovely 1994 isuzu rodeo on a little jaunt to fulfil my show cravings. (yes, i get these often..i'm kind of a live theater junkie) Stopped in Vegas to see the wonderfully talented Linda Eder. Can't get much better than this woman. I've blogged about her before.... here's a little Vid i took of her singing "Man of La Mancha" typically sung by a man...but her version is unbeatable. Had great seats, and was able to be with my good friend Luke and some of his friends. had alot of fun.

Next stop was California. Left vegas around 6 am so as to arrive in Cali in enough time to spend time at Disneyland. Definitely one of my favorite places on this planet. I arrived in Cali in time, met up with my sister Malissa and her friend, and then headed down to meet the one and only Mark Morrell. A man i am proud to call my brother. ANYWAYS. so disneyland is all decked out in their halloween decorations and such. That's mostly the reason i wanted to go there...and to ride TOTs of course (for those of you who don't speak my lingo...that's Tower of Terror) Here are some pics from Disney.

So, after a fun day at disneyland we planned to meet up with mark and his friend kaylinn for dinner up in LA. They were going to wicked that night and I had tickets to see the new musical "9 to 5" based on the 80's movie. I had heard clips of music from this new show that is premiering in LA before going to broadway and i knew i HAD to see it. all the music was written by Dolly Parton so i was very excited. After eating dinner with mark and kaylinn, Malissa, her friend, and I headed to see 9 to 5. One thing led to another and we got there late....i missed the whole first song and was...well...really upset. BUT nonetheless the show was seriously AMAZING. The cast included 2 former Wicked leads, Megan Hilty and Stephanie J Block, and the insanely talented Allison Janney. ("Devil child! Devil child!) The music was amazing, and the set was like nothing i had ever seen. It was all just great. I would be surprised if it didn't win some Tony awards this upcoming year. I encourage any and all to see it if they have the chance...and if not, just go watch some of the videos on YouTube.

The next morning (Sunday) Got up, Got Ready, had breakfast and headed to see Wicked. Before the show we stopped to get some PinkBerry frozen yogurt. Never had this before, but had heard alot about it...and let me tell you..... pretty much amazing. like most other things in this blog. here's a pic. be jealous, and salivate all you want. So delish.

anyways...This was my 3rd time seeing Wicked. I was excited to see it cause i really liked the girl that is playing Elphaba in LA right now, and couldn't wait to see her...only to arrive at the theater and find out that it wouldn't be her, but her understudy for that performance. So i was originally a little disappointed....but the understudy did not let me down at all. She was amazing as well. That show never ceases to amaze me, no matter who is playing the lead. I decided that that means that it's a quality musical. That it doesn't matter who is playing what part, it is always amazing to me. Gives me chills no matter what. so yeah. loved it. Also, my friend casey informed me that my favorite glinda/elphaba will be closing the show in LA in the upcoming months...SOOOO i'll be going back. If anyone wants to join me.... let me know and we can make arrangements. can't wait. Later that night, i headed to mark's apartment to spend the night there, get some sleep, so that i could then drive all the way back to Utah the following day. So it was good to see my sibs, (siblings) and it was amazing to see those shows...i seriously would see a show a day if i had the money. But i must say, driving 10 hours all alone...... not my favorite. It was nice for the first 6 or 7 hours just clear my head and think about life and all of the things going on... but i must say...those last 3 hours driving from Cedar City to Provo seemed to take at least 5 days. But i survived. I made it. I'm a big boy now. the end.