Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well.............. January has come and gone, and i'm still here. so that's good. I seriously don't know where the time has gone. let's try to recap shall we? (by we I really mean just me)

-School started and i only dropped 2 of my planned classes bringing me down to 12 credits.... my favorite!

-Went to Vegas to see the dinosaurs. (yes...dinosaurs) Thank you Wardle family for the hospitality. (shout out) This was a fun little trip....I realized I didn't take any pictures as Casey and I were driving home and passed St. George. sorry...I have no proof, you'll just have to trust me.

-Suffered through the busiest time at work....apparently everyone loves to get married between fall and winter semesters...and every graduate program across the country seems to have application deadlines at this time which equals hell in the records office.

-Wished I was living anywhere but Utah right now due to the constant just keeps coming and coming. bottom line is: I'm sick of it, and have decided God must hate me. (only kidding of course)

-Chili's Count: 5

-Attempted to get back into the Gym routine.... I'll do week.

-Bought a pair of Converse...which i love.

-Sang in another BYU combined choirs concert.... we have another one in 3 weeks, where we'll be singing 11 new songs. There's something wrong with this picture. Not that i don't just LOVE being in men's chorus. (please read with sarcastic tone)...but i'm about ready for a break. Christmas break wasn't enough.

-Heard about President Hinckley dying while watching extreme makeover: home edition.

-Became borderline obsessed with Natalie Weiss and other phenomenal singers. I blame and thank Casey for this....I am currently going through slight withdrawals because here i sit on BYU campus where being logged into the wireless network means giving up your right to watch videos on youtube. GoogleVideo gave me a glimpse of hope, but has failed me. It won't buffer past about 10 seconds on anything........ yet another reason i wonder how i survive in this place.

-Became determined to break out of my insecure/shy/socially awkward shell... I actually speak to people in class sometimes. it's a weird feeling, but i think i'll survive it. Who knows, one day i may even enjoy it.

-Have survived my first month of American Heritage....for the second time. (a D- the first time just didn't cut it for me). Thankfully the TA in my lab section is really "gud" at teaching the really "gud" principles found in this really "gud" country....the table at which i sit has become her favorite. yay us.

-am currently wondering why there are so many freaking highschool students on campus?...go away. who made it socially acceptable to overtake a bench that someone else (me) is sitting on?

-Helped a 3rd grade boy read about some chick named Franny who decides to make a potion and transform herself so she can look and act like all the other kids at school, but then decides she'd rather just be herself.... what a great life lesson. this semester should be interesting as i'll be going every Thursday to help this kid read...once again, thank you American Heritage.

-Planned in my head at least 5 trips that i am taking this summer...they'll probably remain in my head but the thought is nice.

-Stayed up until 4 AM talking with an old friend...something i haven't done in a while...after watching the movie Twister...magic.

-Defined myself as a Sex Symbol.

-Received my Patriarchal Blessing..... it's about time.

-Felt really bad about having those last two updates right next to each other.

-Watched the first 2 episodes of real world/road rules challenge for the season. Should be a really good one.... we've already had our first "coming out" of a closet her.

-Spent waaaaaaay too much time updating my loyal blog readers on the goings on of my life.

Thanks to all who continue to be nice to me and put up with my craziness. God be with you 'til we meet again.... (which brings to mind Titanic...i'm about to cry, no joke....and now i'm questioning whether or not the orchestra even plays that song at the end....Casey? either way, i'm thinking about the movie Titanic and need to stop.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


It's been a while. HELLLOOOOOOOOO! The motivation to write this lovely post comes from Ms. Ashtyn Creel (shout out) who after a months hiatus updated her blog...i figured i probably should too. December came and went just like that! (insert finger snap) I survived finals surprisingly and ended up having my best semester yet. I've improved mentally and spiritually in the past 4 months and I'm happy about it. I'm excited for this new semester....should prove to be both educational and fun all at the same time. we'll see how long this positive outlook lasts.

Christmas in the Morrell home was very different this year. for the first time in 13 years (since my oldest niece was born) I was the youngest person at home on Christmas day. We had our traditional german "christmas eve" dinner on the 22nd and all the married siblings left our home later that evening...leaving only 4 of the 7 siblings. Christmas eve dinner consisted of macaroni and cheese, some tomatoes, and apple juice. Instead of the typical massive family sleepover in the basement, my brother and i slept upstairs in my room...anyways enough of the details - it was just different this year. and because of that i felt like i had alot of time just to reflect on the "true meaning of christmas" ...cliche i know, but it was good for me i think. Following Christmas i went to my brother's house in Rocklin California ( just outside of sacramento) and spent a week with him, his wife, and 3 little boys. It was alot of a fun, good bonding time with the nephews...hopefully now i'm the Favorite uncle. so...that's the update on past events.

On a more recent note, being the first Sunday of the month it was fast sunday, which calls for Testimony meeting. Since i still go to my Family's ward (i really am not a huge fan of singles wards..) one of my former primary students got up to bear his testimony--he's done this before and has said pretty normal 7 year old things....this time was different. I've never heard anything as funny as what came out of this kids mouth...
"The thing about me is that i can see things that nobody else can. When i'm in bed at night, and it's dark in my room i can see things moving around the room. So i get up to see what they are and then they go away. Sometimes when i'm laying in bed i feel like someone is wrapped around me........So the other night i had my brother come in to read to me Calvin and Hobbes. I love this book, my whole family loves it, it's basically Hilarious...." He went on, and the moral of the story was that he likes to pray...and probably sees dead people. To those of you who are reading this it's probably not as funny...probably one of those "had to be there" moments... but i was dying.

In other news...TK and Rachel (the hippies whom i love) survived on Amazing Race tonight due to a non-elimination round...unfortunately i wasn't able to see the last 15 minutes where that was revealed due to some technical difficulties. Thanks Casey for giving me the update. Also, "American Gladiators" premiered tonight. I used to watch that show when i was little and loved it.... it was a family affair every Saturday morning... SO i was super excited about having it on tv again.....but i must say i was kinda bugged by the new version...maybe there was just too much spandex in one place to be enjoyable....not to mention the gladiator named "Wolf" who kept howling.... he sounded more like a dying horse instead of a wolf, and his overgrown, dirty, scraggly hair didn't help his cause much.

really don't even know what i'm saying........this post sucks but i spent way to much time sitting here not to actually post it. i'm sorry if you read all of this. hopefully there will be better things to come. if nothing else....this video is worth looking at this page.