Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i'm going to wicked on may 15th. i'm excited.

Monday, April 28, 2008


A coworker who recently viewed my blog thought that all my post titles and my blog title were depressing and showed a sense of anger. I figured i'd continue with the tradition and entitle this one Anger. I really am angry about something. here it is:

So about a year ago i stumbled upon this music artist from Australia. Her name is Missy Higgins. I quickly became very very very obsessed with her. I would listen to her music non-stop. I even illegally .... i mean... legally downloaded her album that wasn't yet released in the United States cause i couldn't wait for it to come out here. Obviously my obsession has dwindled a little bit over the past year, but i still love her music. Anyways. Never thought i'd have the chance to see her live or anything due to the fact that she's from Australia. SOOOO i get this message on facebook from a friend saying that Missy Higgins was playing in Salt Lake....my reaction: "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!??!?!"....I couldn't believe it. like...really. couldn't believe it. SO i looked into it a little more and here is where the anger comes into play. As i look up the venue and try to purchase tickets i read "This is a Private Club. Members only, 21+"....again, my reaction "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?" i was sooo upset. and heartbroken. She'll be so close, but yet...so far away.....ewww that's an old saying, but i couldn't think of anything better to describe the situation.
Sometimes being 20 is annoying.

Anyways, if you are 21+ and are near Salt Lake on the 21st of May.... you should consider going to this concert. i think she's opening for someone else, but still...being in Missy's presence would be a treat for anyone.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have returned to the blogging world after about a 3 month hiatus, i'll give you time to rejoice......................................thank you.

To make a long story short about the last 3 months: I went to work every morning, i went to school every afternoon, one weekend i made a new shelving/entertainment unit for my room, i survived men's chorus, went to Disneyland and had a great time (fans?), and failed all my finals which was a perfect ending to the semester.

As mentioned above, one weekend i spent some time building some stuff for my room... My brother in law came down for easter weekend and helped me with this. Which was nice. here's some pictures... sorry about the ghostly floating orbs. pretty sure that's just some dust on the lens of my camera which is now gone. i hope it's not a spirit trying to tell me something. And yes, that is Brittany and Justin on the TV. I was watching E! True Hollywood Story about Brittany. It was so wonderful.

So in order for my transition from school to summer to go smoothly, i decided to do another art project for my room. I just feel like i should do something at least somewhat productive... at least at the start of the summer. By the end i'm sure that i'll be completely fine just doing absolutely nothing. My room is slowly becoming my sanctuary, but it's definitely not a finished project yet. I really enjoyed doing the other paintings in my room so i thought i'd do another one to fill up the big brown wall. I'm pleased with the outcome. The picture on the top was a picture i took while in hawaii last summer and my inspiration (haha) , the one in the middle is my final product, and the one on the bottom is an overall view of that wall in my room.

So...yeah, it's no Picasso or Van Gogh, but i was pretty proud of myself.

Let's see.... Tonight is a great night on Television: American Idol results show. All i have to say is that Jason Castro needs to go home, and that David Cook is probably my favorite to win, with Carly Smithson a close second. Both are insanely talented and i'm a little bit jealous. Also tonight on TV is the HOH (head of household) competition on Big Brother. Although my favorite to win went home on last night's show, i still feel a need to watch to the end and see who wins. That's just how i roll. Anyways...this post was boring, but i gotta start somewhere. Hopefully they'll improve as time goes on. I should have PLENTY of time now that school is done to update regularly. BYE!