Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"i wanna be a singar"

ALRIGHT.... so i was asked a while ago to sing in my church this last week. The topic was the restoration so my dad and i created a little medley of songs relating to this wonderful topic. As part of the medley we decided to minor the 6th verse of a poor wayfaring man of grief...and it sounded really really cool as we practiced the night before. Soooooo sunday comes, and i get up to sing, and i'm singing along and we get to this part of a poor wayfaring man of grief and.... well since my dad plays by ear he just kinda did his own thing with the accompaniment (i can't spell that but you get the idea) and then i completely blanked on the tune of this very well known song..... so what did i do? i made up my own horrendous tune. It sounded like vomit coming out of my mouth i'm sure.... i was soooo embarrassed and probably would've rather died than having to continue singing... but i forged onward and finally got to the end of the verse and finished the medley. I sat down and felt like a fool... i was blushing like crazy and just wanted to hide in a dark hole for days and days on end. This has never happened to me, i'm usually perfect when i sing (haha, totally kidding) but it was just a surreal experience. So i get home from church and my mom informs me that she had 3 ladies come up to her and ask where they could get the arrangement of a poor wayfaring man of grief that i sang cause they loved it so much................................. guess it wasn't so bad after all. I find such a great satisfaction in singing in front of people for some reason... maybe i just like all the compliments i receive afterwards or something.... but really i love the feeling of just like belting out some ridiculously strong note into a microphone and just letting it all out. it's fun for me. and hopefully i get to do it again sometime soon....there's not many places up here for me to do that, so i guess i'll stick with the church performances for now. If anyone wants to pay me to sing for an event... let me know. i'd be more than willing. and that's that.

PS i got my new contacts today and my eyes are tired. the end.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Alive. Rest your weary heads.

To my faithful readers: I apologize.

You may have recently asked yourself "I wonder why Mike hasn't updated his blog lately?".... and the answer is quite simple, complete laziness/a recent obsession with a certain book about a certain vampire and a certain girl who fall in love. Anyways...i figured i better update you on the goings on in my life cause i know you're all dying to know. SOOOOOOOOOO i'll just go over the most important events in recent months... first of all: Went on a Vacay with My family and a wonderful friend of mine, Casey. SO, my family's plans were to go to Disneyland and spend some time with my siblings that were down there.... Mine and Casey's plans included that as well as some other lovely adventures of which i will now speak. or type.

So.... I flew down to Vegas to meet up with Casey and then we drove into Anaheim the next morning. As we gassed up in Barstow (i think?) Casey asked if i would drive... on the outside i said "Sure, no problem" on the inside i was about to die of nervousness and a sudden urge to wet myself. I haven't really driven that much outside of utah... county. Honestly i don't ever remember driving to Salt lake even...i think the furthest i had driven at this point was to Thanksgiving Point...which for those of you who are not Utah savvy is just about 25 minutes outside of Orem. Anyways, i put on my tough face and took the drivers seat and we made it safely to Anaheim. As we approached, much to our chagrin, it was very overcast and slightly rainy. So...we spent the rest of that afternoon at Disneyland with my fam. Had a grand ol' time. We were joined by my Parents, My oldest brother and his little family (Wife: Amber, Sons: Jaxon-5, Zachary-3, and Carter-1....those are their approximate ages)

My older Sister Malissa and her 'friend' Jaime (pronounced Hi May), and my brothers Mark (who currently works with the Disney company) and Tom. Anyways...had a fun time at Disneyland cause that place is magical and had a marv dinner at Tortilla Joe's (Malissa's request). We got back to the hotel and just hung out...and had a lovely Family Discussion...which for the Morrell family is a little bit like pulling teeth, and awkward for all those involved (sorry Casey). But we survived and spent the next couple days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Wednesday night Malissa's friends who live an 'alternate' lifestyle invited us to dinner up at there home in the Hollywood Hills. Earlier that day as we were getting ready to leave, we were watching the news and Casey and i noticed that Eden Espinosa (who had previously starred in Wicked in LA) was in a show at UCLA that night, and since Casey introduced me to this insanely talented woman on YouTube, we decided that we really wanted to go see it. So we went to dinner at this lovely home, had some "Wieners" and went on our lovely way to see "Flora the Red Menace". we knew nothing of the show, but knew we wanted to see Eden. SO..... we drove to UCLA....and i was driving....and since we got kinda lost on the way we were running a bit late and one of us, i wont mention who, had to use the bathroom really badly. And since we didn't know UCLA campus at all... the mood in the car was, let's say, less than perfect. ANYWAYS, we got there before the show started and relieved bladders. We sat through the show, and although it was pretty lame Eden was AMAZING and her last song was FLAWLESS. loved it. SOOO we decided to hang around afterwards and meet this incredible woman. While waiting we (meaning Casey) noticed that Jenna Leigh Green (Libby from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Co-star with Eden in Wicked) was standing outside waiting for Eden to show up too. After Eden came out the stage door, and Casey and i were waiting our turn to talk to her, I went up to Jenna Leigh Green and introduced myself, the three of us chatted for a bit.... Casey flirted....and we Got our picture taken with her. Following that little interaction we talked with Eden as well. We were a fresh breath of air for her, due to the fact that she had just been talking to a crazy fan (who was unfortunately from utah) who bought Eden's dog an outfit and was so proud of it... (what the?). SO... we got our picture with eden as well.... here they are! the one on the top is Jenna Leigh, and the one on the bottom is Eden.

Sooooooooo, then our adventures continued the next day. Casey and I went to Universal Studios. We spent the majority of the day there, and it was all worth it for the Jurassic Park ride. For reals. amazing. here's a picture:

We then waited in line for probably 2 hours for the new Simpsons ride...and i must say........... Biggest let-down of my life. do not EVER ride this ride. so not worth it. here's a picture:

AND to top it all off, that night we were going to see Wicked. A highly anticipated moment for me. I've been waiting to see this show ever since i heard the music for it. and since Casey and i used to sit and watch YouTube for hours on end, and watch clips from it...i was VERY, VERY excited for it. So.... after Universal we did some shopping and ate dinner and then Headed to the Pantages Theater where the show was to be held later that evening, here's a picture:

the show was AMAZING. probably one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. SO...yeah... those are the wonderful adventures that happened in California that week. Had SOOO much fun and was glad to have my BFF, aka Casey, along to keep me sane. I also need to publicly apologize to the young worker at Carl's Jr....i was a little rude to him cause their shake machine was broken and i was tired, and now i feel bad. So...one adventure ended and the next was only a few weeks down the road.

Ms. Linda Eder was perfoming at an outdoor concert at UNLV 2 weekends ago. Prior to knowing Casey i had no idea who this woman was...or that she even existed...but thanks to YouTube, he introduced me to this amazingly talented woman. So of course we had to go to this concert. I drove down to Vegas (another first for me..) and i actually really enjoyed the 5 hours of alone time. It was nice and relaxing. I arrived in Vegas on Saturday and we went to the concert that night...and honestly, it was Amazing. Probably the best singer i've ever heard in my life. Here's a Video of one of the best songs known to man... I wasn't supposed to be recording, but i did anyways. Sorry for the shakiness/bluriness. the audio is what's important though.

I always love going down to Vegas to spend time with Casey and his family. They are great people and my life has improved greatly just by knowing them. Thanks Wardles! Your French Toast is divine.... And shout out to Braxton, sorry about the leg! (broke his leg while jumping into a river... nice.)
That Sunday i had the opportunity to hear Casey sing in his friend's Sacrament meeting... and can i just say, homeboy is INSANELY talented. Check out some of his stuff on YouTube, and you will agree. here's a link:


That link will take you to a lovely little introduction of Casey, and from there you should be able to find links other videos of him. (I told you i would advertise!!!)

The only other great event i can think of that is happening in my life recently is the current relocation/remodel of the office i work in. We, the records office, are combining with the registration office and have just started with the whole process. Today we packed up and moved all our stuff across the hall so that they can start building and doing whatever it is they are doing so that some day we can all be one happy Records/Registration family.

wow......... this became really long. But i know you all loved reading every word of it. don't deny it.

Like i say every time i decide to post, i'll try to be better about posting more often.

P.S. I got new Specs. Contacts are on the way as well...be excited.