Friday, September 26, 2008


I've recently acquired some fairly intense addictions of which i will now discuss.

1) 9 to 5 the musical.

Thanks to the lovely YouTube (which is a pre-existing addiction for me) i was able to hear a song from this upcoming show that is previewing in Los Angeles before going to broadway. It's based on the 80's movie which included in the cast: Dolly Parton (whom i love. especially after watching an interview of her in which she admitted that the inspiration to the rhythm of the song "9 to 5" from the movie came from rubbing her acrylic fingernails together) Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin (whom i also love). Come to discover that the marvelous Dolly Parton wrote all of the music for this new musical. The cast in LA includes Allison Janney ("Devil Child! Devil Child!"), Stephanie J Block (former Elphaba from Wicked) and Megan Hilty (Former Glinda from wicked). Anyways...after hearing the song "Get out and Stay out" i fell in love with the idea of actually seeing this show. I researched...and well Casey, his little brother Braxton, and I will be seeing this masterpiece in 2 weeks. I'm a little bit excited.

2) Renee Elise Goldsberry.

Ok, so as stated in a previous post i went to New York for a couple days. While there, I saw the Broadway musical "Rent". I loved it. One of the performers was Ms. Renee Elise Goldsberry. At the time of seeing the musical i was impressed with her, but after leaving New York kinda didn't give her second thought. Since this was the closing cast of rent, the production was filmed and this past week was shown in theaters. of course i went. And i have to say, Renee's performance almost brought me to tears. She has a great voice, and her acting was amazing. It was really cool to be able to see her face close up and to raelly appreicate how talented she is. The picture to the left is from my trip to New York. This is her coming out of the stage door. Unfortunately i didn't get the chance to talk to her, but maybe some day. I'm really hoping that this performance will be released on dvd...mostly because it was amazing. moo.

3) (and most importantly) THE RACHEL ZOE PROJECT!!!!

So i've already expressed my love for other Bravo reality tv shows, but i think this one might be my favorite of all time. The show follows Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist for celebrities, and the 2 people who work for her, Brad and Taylor. It goes through the daily life of Rachel....flying to and from New York, buying extremely expensive clothes for herself and her clients (including Deb Messing, Jen Garner, Joy Bryant "JB" etc..) being pampered, etc. After seeing the first episode i was hooked. I want to be Rachel Zoe's best friend. The way she speaks and the words she uses make me laugh without fail. but if i have to see rachel without makeup on, i think i might cry. The woman has the saddest face i've ever seen...including the saggy cheeks of a bull dog. the following are my favorite rachel quotes:

-"I Die"

-"Joy, look at the effing back"

-"She's shutting it down right now."

-"That's Bananas."

..... and many many others that i can't quite recall.

Another great part about the show is watching the relationship between Brad and Taylor...the two assistants. Brad is "the new guy" and Taylor is the veteran. I think Taylor lives with PMS 24/7, 365 days a year...Brad has to deal with it.

Anyways...enough of me talking about it.... go watch it. right now.

I die.

4) Dr. Pepper. Ok so this isn't a new addiction....but it's my favorite one so i thought it deserved some more time on my blog.