Sunday, November 30, 2008


my favorite team was eliminated tonight on the amazing race. RIP Dallas and Toni....not that they died, but...basically the same thing. All i can hope for now is that Nick and Starr win the money. i need a life.

do NOT...

...see this movie

...why? you may ask. Here's why.... I spent 2 1/2 hours trying to figure out the story, and am not sure that i understand it even now. my synopsis is as follows, "From cow herding western to WWII movie...with one common factor, the Wizard of OZ". this movie had EVERYTHING....but in a bad way. It was really unfortunate because i love both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, and honestly their acting was pretty great...but the story was just.... horrible. my suggestion: don't waste your time.

please DO see this movie...

I had been meaning to go see this movie, but never got around to it...praise the lord for the DOLLAR MOVIES!!! best dollar i've spent in a long time. This movie was true to Michael Cera movie form. It had a very "Juno" feel to it, at least for me. This lovely little high school romance film is one of the best i've ever seen. The humor was dry, their love was real, it was crude, and it included one of the best vomiting scenes i've ever seen in my life. I highly recommend this one.

So i guess you can see what my thanksgiving break consisted of...movies. well... and work. Which has been good, i'm getting more comfortable at my lovely home away from home away from home aka banana republic. (my home away from home would be the records office..). My coworkers are all really nice, and i haven't had an angry customer yet...knock on wood. i raise my shot glass high in the air....Here's to another year gone by, another turkey feast, and another lazy weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2008


saw it again tonight. loved it even more the second time. something i didn't think possible.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Seeing this movie this was the happiest moment of my weekend...

I won't give my full review on the movie, i'm just gonna say that i loved it and can't wait to see it again. if you want to argue with me, fine. do so. just know that it will be a one-sided argument...i'm not gonna fight back. not worth my time. i loved it. you should love it too, and if you don't...i'm sorry that you feel you wasted 2 hours of your poor pathetic life. inquire within if you'd like to hear my full review.

Watching this was the second happiest moment of my weekend....

I've always LOVED sarah mclachlan, and fell more in love with her when i saw her live in Salt Lake a few years back.... i also have always had this thing for Pink. Not only is her voice edgy and cool, she knows who she is and what she stands for and doesn't back down. So... i was happy enough to have sarah singing to me tonight during the AMA's...but then when Pink started harmonizing, i was in freaking heaven. i died. (figuratively)

In other news...

I worked my first normal shift at Banana Republic, and despite the nerves and anxiety that came before my shift started, i was pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed it. The people that work there are really nice, and were really helpful and understanding of my novice status when it comes to retail. I feel like i picked things up pretty quickly and when it was time for the store to close i was surprised that time had flown by so quickly. After the store closed, we had to straighten everything up which took about 2 hours, but it was this time that i enjoyed the most. I was able to get to know some of my new coworkers and they were able to get to know me a little bit more. spastic little me. It was fun... in the words of little orphan annie "i think i'm gonna like it here".....i can't believe i just incorporated little orphan annie into a blog post.


I sang in church today. which...was fun. Call me vain but i love hearing my own voice projected through a microphone. I don't care if anyone else hears it or likes it, but i like hearing it. There's just something about hitting a money note and hearing it echo through a building that i love. Hopefully i have more chances to do that sometime in the near future. The song was "O Divine Redeemer"...not my choice. This song has an insanely broad range of notes, and it had me singing notes that i never ever sing... i.e. G. typically my highest note is somewhere around an E, so...singing this at 11 in the morning was quite the challenge. granted, it wasn't the prettiest note i've heard come out of my mouth, but it wasn't bad for being so early in the morning.

I fear next weekend won't be nearly as exciting. i work on black friday, and the day after. should be interesting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want...

my voice to sound like his. (gavin creel)

(my favorite song of his can be found here... written by Michael Arden, sung by Gavin Creel)

i also want to see this live again. and again. and again.

i want her...

.... to sing to me on a daily basis

i want to be her best friend...

I want to make a video as amazing as this one...with carrie as the star.

I want to work for her....

and be Brad Goreski's best friend

I want to go to school here...
......but probably wont.

i want this car...

and this house....

but to be quite honest, i'm really happy with what i have right now. AMAZING family and friends. a place to sleep at night. a steady job. a mind of my own. goals. a shower. a tv. a computer. a car that runs. food to eat.

i'm learning to appreciate more and more the things i already have. I've realized that there's no point in wasting my life worrying about tomorrow, when i can be enjoying what i have today.

granted....if someone wanted to give me any of the above items, i'd glady accept them :)

that's all.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So....i've had the urge to write a really good blog post...because i'm a freak. Unfortunately no divine inspiration has come, so this post will not be that really good'll just be normal, which hopefully will hold me over 'til i become a vessel of truth and light :)

ANYWAYS. here's the update:

I started training at Banana and have my first normal shift saturday. yeah.... your thoughts are my thoughts. Why is it so far away? i have no idea. it frustrates me a little bit, but i can't complain. They're willing to pay me to stand and look pretty for hours on end...which i can do... oh i guess i'm supposed to like sell some stuff too every now and then... we'll see if that happens.

I recently found out that they are changing my job at the records office from 3/4 time to full time this coming that'll be nice to make some extra money....well...more money than i was expecting to make because technically i'm currently working full time, but was planning to be 3/4 in longer. i'll be full time. yay.

So....what are my plans for the future you may ask? i will tell. I'm seriously looking into moving down to southern california..... sounds crazy i know. but i've always wanted to live down there, and i've always kind of wanted to go to school down there. BYU doesn't offer the program i want (Interior Design) and so i feel this is a perfect opportunity for me to combine my desires. Only problem is... Money. if you're not a resident, school becomes a million times more expensive. so...current plan is to go down there and live for year to become a resident. SO i'll just work (hopefully) and live life and save a little money in hopes to then go to school in a year. i know, it doesn't sound all that great, but it gives me something to look forward to. and i figure, if it's not supposed to happen... then i'll know and i'll move back home and live with my parents for the rest of my life.

the end.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you must...

buy this album.

once again this is me coming out of the closet. i've tried to keep my archuleta fan status hidden...but with the release of this album, i couldn't keep it in any longer. it greatly exceeded my expectations of "the little mormon that could."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

don't make this mistake...

a coworker informed me that she couldn't remember my blog web address, so she typed in ""..... :) enjoy.


I have kept my mouth shut this entire time regarding prop 8 (ban on gay marriage in california). and to be honest, i didn't really care about the outcome of this proposition. When the church came out asking all those who could to support this proposition, i was fine with that. I think it's great that the church will voice their opinion and urge people to voice their own opinion regarding it as well. I think this was the original intent of the Church authorities, just to inform people and to urge them to take a stand if they felt so inclined......unfortunately it turned into something much more ugly, and i am appalled by some of the things that have been said. I wouldn't care so much if people had focused on the proposition itself and hadn't begun to take personal stabs at those who were against it, and those it affected. I have truly seen the ugly side of people in the recent weeks and i can't stand it. I've heard the same comments from numerous people such as "they're going to hell"(referring to those who are gay, and/or are against the proposition) and "They'll be the first ones gone in the second coming" and "they are sick people"...... i mean...... really people? REALLY? are you listening to yourself speak? do you understand what some of these people are going through? i really wish you would take a second to think about what you're saying before you say it. Some of the most AMAZING people i know are gay. They are the nicest, most generous, loving people...and would never say anything negative about someone like that. Granted there are those who may not be good people..but let's leave it up to God please....IT IS NOT OUR PLACE TO JUDGE. I may be wrong because i haven't been involved in all of the talks regarding prop 8, but i do not believe that any of the general authorities have come out and said "anyone who votes against prop 8 will go to hell" or that "gay people will be the first ones to suffer during the second coming".

Like i said, i think it's great that the church took a stand on what it believes and encouraged it's members to participate if they so desired. But shame on all those who took it a step further and began judging their own brothers and sisters without even knowing them.

i'm done ranting.


Patience (ˈpā-shənz) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset.

So, patience is something i've always struggled with. I am kind of fast paced, and typically want things to happen my way. But over the past few months it's something that i've been trying really hard to work on... There have been a few events recently, even yesterday, that have tested my patience. But i've realized that being patient is a simple decision. I've realized how much of a change in attitude has occurred for me by just making the decision to be patient. I am less anxious, more understanding, and have been able to occupy my brain with things other than worry.

I like the definition provided above, because at least in my life my patience is tested most in difficult circumstances, where i want something more than anything and i have to wait for it. I also love where it states "without becoming annoyed or upset". Sure, one can endure for certain amounts of time and wait for something to come to pass..... but doing it without becoming annoyed or upset is the important part. I urge anyone who may find themselves angry or annoyed often to check their patience level and see if you can improve. I know that since making the decision to be more patient, my life has been blessed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

boo... whore. (sorry couldn't resist myself from quoting one of my fave movies. mean girls)

anyways....halloween was fun. I don't typically dress up, but i thought that this year i might as well dress up for work and try to make the day fun. SO, since the office decided to not really go along with the theme that was chosen, i just went to savers and bought the nastiest stuff i could find. i feel i succeeded in some respect...would you agree?

This is my bfffw amber and I in our hot costumes. I made rootbeer for the office and had a fun time treak-or-treating around the ASB...... my life is pathetic. haha here's some more photos from the day....

A hot mess.

The Morning Crew

Me being freaked out by Elphaba (from Wicked) aka maren.
Afternoon Crew
the full-timers...well...some of them.

The Nephs came to visit/trick or treat. i'm their fave of course.
oh hey!

Being violated...

Being punished....
Amber sucking the lives of little children...or fog created when making rootbeer. either way. i prefer the Hocus Pocus reference myself.

After work i took myself out to see "Changeling" the new Clint Eastwood film, starring Ms. Angelina Jolie herself. and...i loved it. for the most part. The movie itself wasn't all that great, a little too long and a little disturbing....but Angelinas performance was perfect. I was sucked in from the moment she stepped onto the screen. I wont go into much detail about the movie at this point, but if you're curious about it... inquire within.

After the movie my friend Angela and i went to eat at chilis.... it had been way too long since my last visit (maybe a month..) and i kept seeing these commercials for their new chicken crisper tacos.... and i have to say........ they were freaking de-lish-us. i would recommend to any and all. i love chilis.

Time for bed.