Tuesday, December 23, 2008


that's short for memories for those of you who don't speak my language. My sister found this little gem as she was scanning some old family photos.
For those of you who don't recognize the cutest little couple seen in the red striped polo and floral print dress...with puff sleeves (thank you anne of green gables). that would be me and one of my very best/longest lasting friends, Marianne White, at our preschool graduation program. We have known each other for 15 years. The only people i've known longer than that are my family members. Marianne and I have many fond memories together, here are a few:
-Swinging on the swings in her backyard and getting blood blisters from the chains.
-Playing for hours in her basement
-First kiss (in preschool! i was a playa even back then...although neither of us remember this incident, but have been told it really did happen...while eating hot dogs. sexy.)
-She was there when my pet turtle bit me and i had to go to the doctors office. :)
-Marianne caused a slight hole to appear in my trampoline once. :)
-Marianne took me on my first date, and it was hers as well. Sadies i believe...i could be totally wrong. (sorry about not giving you my jacket. i suck as a date)
-Classes together in college
-Founders of TLFL.

and those are only a few. So here's to you Marianne, and another 15 years of friendship. Thanks for putting up w/ me all these years. No one can even compare to our cuteness when we're in the same room.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it's been almost a week since i've updated...shocking i know. i kinda skipped over the whole thanksgiving holiday...mostly because i was upset at my phone. but...that anger is now gone. after a good exorcism, my phone seems to be working fine...so back to thanksgiving we go.

It was kind of different for me this year... most of my family wasn't able to make it home for this particular holiday so life around the Morrell home was a little quiet. Tom, Julie and her little family, my parents and myself were the only ones to sit around the table and eat a lovely dead bird..accompanied by his friends; mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cheese ball, monkey bread (love and miss you granny), and the "cult" favorite jello with sliced apples.... my tummy got full and my bowels grumbled once or twice and it was a great day to think about all i'm grateful for in this life. i feel truly blessed. I wouldn't be who i am today without my wonderful family and amazing friends. In the past year i feel i have grown so much as a person and alot of that is due to those of you whom i've had the opportunity to come to know and love.

Let's see....the day after thanksgiving was well..the dreaded black friday. and, yes, i had to work that day. fortunately i was scheduled at night (Praise the Lord)... i went expecting hectic hell, and was pleasantly greeted with calm goodness. Granted it wasn't like completely dead, but we got out of there an hour early....which i will be thankful for next thanksgiving since my chance this year had passed. I think i worked the following morning too...but i don't remember. anyways, i survived my first black friday in retail and fear i may have been pampered a bit. let's hope next year either A) i won't be in retail, or B) i am pampered again.

Life went on from that point.....nothing too exciting. I continued working 8-5 at the Records office....i've really come to love that place in it's own special way. (if you're not a coworker of mine, you might get bored w/ this paragraph...you can skip ahead) I spend more time there than anywhere else. I love each of my coworkers in their own special way. I love watching laura hobble around due to a recent knee surgery, and just talking to her about everything that's going on in life. i love matching clothes with brittany. i love coral's perfect managing skills and her unconditional and undeserving kindness. i love diane's Mary Murphy laugh and commonly said phrases such as "You're a gentleman and a scholar". I love Mary Whipples sweet spirit, and hugs...and her naivity...and i love the day she called me fatty. I love the close friendship i've come to gain with amber, how i can talk to her about just about anything and i know she'll give me her honest opinion, and she'll try to see my side as well. I also love driving her crazy by not having any physical contact whatsoever. I love jessica for training me when i was hired as apart time employee....and then training me when i moved to full time. I love my other coworkers that i've known for years....Ashley, Kristin, and I have been through 2 years of the records office together...we've had our ups and downs, we've watched kristin date and get married, and ashley be her crazy but loveable self....and growing shoe collection. I love the fact that julie and i are coworkers...again. started out at chucks together, and have now been reunited via the BYU records office. And to the rest of you coworkers who i didn't mention, i seriously do love you. You've all helped me grow in many ways. so thank you. i sound like i'm dying or something w/ all this sappy talk. i'm not dying. just reflecting :)

so...yeah...back to life after black friday. i saw twilight again. making it viewing #3. loved it. again. Saw nick and norah's infinite playlist. loved it. again. and now we've reached last weekend...which was surprisingly eventful. quite unusual for me.... Friday night i went to the Christmas Choir concert here at BYU. (i'm gonna reflect a bit more...forgive me) it's weird that a year has gone by since i was the one performing in this concert. It brought back a lot of memories just sitting there in the audience and watching some amazing performances happen. I love choral music, especially during christmas time. It made me miss being a part of an amazing group of musicians, and hope to someday be able to do it again. They even sang a song that i was able to sing last year in choir, and it's my favorite. entitled "Carol of Joy", composed by Ron Staehli, it's great. i wish i could figure out how to put it on this post...but i'm kinda computer stupid and don't know how...any tips would be great.

So. yeah. loved the concert. inspired me. then saturday rolls around and i worked from 10-5. i was only scheduled til 4, but it was insanely busy. moreso than black friday to be quite honest so i was nice and stayed an extra hour. they love me there...i know it :). that night i was able to go to "Divine Comedy" with a co-worker of mine...shout out carrie allen! i had never been to one of these shows....scripted comedy skits. but had heard it was pretty funny. so....while it didn't completely live up to expectations, it had it's funny moments...and they threw out thousands of glowsticks which i love so i enjoyed my time. thanks carrie!

Mom and dad were out of town sunday and tom had to work so he asked me to teach his sunday school lesson for him. so i did. it was about the brother of jared, pretty simple. but as i was teaching the 15 year olds i once again became reflective and realized how lame i was when i was 15, and while they were annoying, i'm sure i was just as bad. i finally was able to get them to shut up and listen to me about the importance of faith and prayer. which is something i really do have a testimony of. it's so simple. so it was nice to be able to teach that lesson.

and now we've finally reached this week....nothing much has happened. it was amber's birthday on tuesday so we went to lunch at magleby's fresh. pretty good. Notice in the picture to the left how we're not even close to touching eachother... that's how we roll :) then tonight we had our division work party...it was hawaiian themed and i was able to bring a date. So of course i brought ms. Deanna Roark...one of my all-time favorite people. She is so motivated and so kind. I'm lucky to know her as well. she makes me happy inside and out.

Tomorrow is my last day of class, and i'm excited yet sad. I 've loved this class to be quite honest and wish i was able to take more classes dealing w/ interior design right away...but alas it's not in my plans to take anymore classes from byu. so i'll have to wait til later. i finished my final project tonight and am very pleased w/ it.

my fingers are tired, and so are your eyes i'm sure. i apologize.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


my phone (aka my second heart) is possessed. i feel like i'm dying. i can't text, call, or take sexy pictures of myself. basically....my life is ruined and my real heart might as well just stop pumping blood through my veins.

.....mmm k. i'm not that emo...... but it makes me mad that this is happening to me....again. This is the second phone that i've had to get because of the same type of possession. buttons are being pushed without me touching them. i can't push the buttons at all. it won't let me do anything! tragic. cry for me, and pray for my phone. thanks all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


obsession. here's post #3 for the night but i couldn't help it. i just discovered ms. zooey deschanel's voice....and i love it. they're a little drunk i think, but who cares...their voices are great. especially ms. deschanel's.


just realized my last 2 posts kinda sucked. sorry folks, i'll try to repent and be better. bear with me.


work has been insane the past couple of days. I don't know if it's because of the holiday last week or what but i've felt like i've been behind all week......granted there's only been two days this week...but still! if i have to type another address for the university of phoenix, i might hurt someone. i feel like the typing never stops, and my eyes start to burn around 10 am....making the days feel very long. somehow i survive.... but i'm ready for the madness to stop. i beg and plead with you to not order any transcript from BYU....unless you want it sent priority or overnight mail...then i have nothing do with it and will never see your request, which i'm totally fine with :) thanks all!

Monday, December 1, 2008


i was reminded today how much i love this girl's voice. it's so amazingly pure and great. Here's one of my faves of hers...

I had the chance to meet up with natalie in person and have brunch w/ her when i was in New York. It was an interesting experience to say the least. i'm sure some day she'll make it.... somewhere :) it's amazing to me how much talent there is in the world, and watching/listening to it makes me want to be better.

Anyways, here's another fave...

ps: saw Twilight again tonight... and i love it still.