Friday, January 30, 2009


i want to become a critic of some sort.

-food critic
-music critic
-movie critic
-play critic
-people critic do i achieve this? i mean...i do it every day in my brain...and sometimes out loud to those sitting around me...but how do i make money doing it?


"it's like i have ESPN or something"
-Karen from mean girls.

Ok, so i don't know how to exactly describe this phenomenon that occurs in my life...but i have an uncanny ability to contact (typically via text) people who were just thinking of me at that moment. I first discovered this talent w/ my friend Angela. About a year ago or so...we hadn't talked for months and we both sent each other a text at the same time...basically asking the same thing. Just checking up on eachother. This has since happened numerous times between the 2 of us. creepy? i think so. Sometimes i like to call it the spirit....sometimes i like to call it a coincidence...and sometimes i like to pretend that i have a 6th sense... (but i don't see dead people...usually). Not only does this phenomenon happen w/ Angela...but with other friends as well....Luke and Spencer to name a few. Does anyone out there in this universe know what this condition is called? Pretty sure it's not the spirit cause i say naughty words sometimes, which means i don't have his companionship... kidding. mostly. if you start thinking about me, you better watch out cause you just may get a text message from me that says "hey...was just thinking about you...hope all is well in your life". Maybe my timing is just remarkable. I promise i'm not a creepy stalker, and i don't really get inside people's heads....but i just think i know when i need to say i say it. well....i text it. i love texting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm disappointed with the talent level on idol this year. They better just be hiding the truly talented ones or I'll be sad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in other news...

i'm in love with a few things right now:

1) Ingrid Michaelson's voice

2) Kelly Clarkson's newest single: My life would suck without you... welcome back kelly :)


4)Lack of freshly fallen snow/ice on the roads

5)peppermint/candy canes

6)Stephanie J. Block (far left) and 9 to 5 the musical in general

7-12) let's be honest....any and all reality shows on tv right now. To name a few....
-Biggest Loser
-American Idol
-True Beauty
-Real World
-and my biggest guilty pleasure of the month: Countdown to the Crown (on tlc)...

13) My new watch

14) Beyonce's "Single Ladies" music video....

...she can do no wrong. imo.

and many other things. like folding fresh laundry. and fog. and night views of the city.

good night. for real this time.


I'm not really into politics at all...but i felt the need to mention what i was able to witness today. While at work i was able to watch the first African American president take office. It was quite the sight. As they showed overhead shots of the crowd i was amazed. As i listened to the speeches given i couldn't help but honestly feel hope. To feel change. To feel like something good was about to happen. Throughout the whole election i pretty much didn't care what happened.... but as i watched Barack address the nation today, i felt peace. I feel like i can truly support the president. I can only hope that this moment is historic not only because of this man's racial background...but because of the good that is to come in the next 4, or possibly 8, years that he is in office. Granted, i don't agree with all of his positions on many issues....but truly feel like i can say that i support President Obama as a citizen of this amazing country. I think we've all witnessed something truly special today, and i hope we take time to recognize that.

Enough patriotism for one post..... Michelle's gloves were my favorite part of the day. I love them. I thought she looked great.... i'm sure many would agree to disagree....but you go girl! no other woman could rock that goldish-yellow like you can.

second favorite part of the day was Aretha:
Talk about rocking an outfit..... no other woman in this world could wear a hat like that and pull it off.

My hat's off to you America (i only say that cause i didn't vote) but i have a feeling you have chosen wisely...... at least so far this year....We'll see how the votes go on American Idol this season. :)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


american idol premiered tonight... i missed the first hour, but my favorite of the second hour was a 16 year old named STEVIE WRIGHT.

This girl's voice was seriously so smooth and rich with a slight raspy edge. watch out for this one...i predict she'll make it far. as for the rest of the bunch....not impressed w/ any of them. kinda pisses me off when they let someone through to hollywood cause they give a sob story...or cause they're dressed in a bikini. lame. oh well. excited to see what the rest of the audition cities have to offer.
here's a video clip:

life... of late:

1)Christmas came....and Christmas went. Things around the morrell home have been different around the holidays in past years...which is ok. Things are just more quiet and laid back. We still do the traditional german feast on christmas eve...and there are hints of other traditions here and there but for the most part, Christmas present compared to Christmas past is a completely different. I guess that's expected. It made me sad at one point, but i've come to accept it so it's ok. Gammons stayed with us, which i always love. Tyler and Lauren had a sleepover in my room on Christmas night and we enjoyed eachothers company...even early in the morning. :) I love being around family.

2) Ate way too much food.

3) Witnessed insane amounts of falling snow. I hated every moment of it. Orem got 21" the first week in January alone. I hope to never have to endure a Utah winter for the rest of my life. Along with this i've pushed probably 5 cars out of the snow.... such a joy. I can't believe how my view of snow has changed over the years...i used to look forward to it...and now i wish i lived in a heated bubble that would melt all snow within 5 miles of me. maybe can dream right?

4) Visited California for a weekend. Was alot of fun... did a whole lot of nothing, but enjoyed every minute. Stayed at (you might want to sit down for this) Mark's Fiancee's humble abode. Yes...little marky is getting married. We're all so proud. Kaylinn....thanks again for providing a roof over my head and endless amounts of entertainment. you're a gem. Hopefully my visit gave you a little taste of what's to come....and hopefully it didn't freak you out too much. ps....I heard that chocolate can kill dogs. just a thought.

5) Met up with old friends. Always great to get caught up w/ people I care about.

6) Met new people who have already influenced my life positively. I feel so blessed.

7) Ate at Chili's one too many times..... didn't think it was possible...but it is. my tummy hurts. But last night's queso dip was worth every bite. divine.

8) Wanted to choke on my own saliva at work. literally. I'd do anything to be away from this office during the first two weeks of school. My fingers haven't stopped moving in 2 weeks. i'm amazed they're even attached.

9) Discovered "Red Mango". A delish-us little frozen yogurt joint. i'm a little bit addicted.

10) Was reminded of this woman's amazing talent.... a voice unlike any i've ever heard:

11)Was hired by Banana Republic as a normal Part-Time employee instead of just seasonal. they were "Very impressed with my performance". cause i'm amazing.

12)Watched the new season of Real World, set in Brooklyn. This season includes:
-A Gay man
-A lesbian who is now in her first straight relationship. (probs my favorite cast member thus far...)
-A tranny. (originally female)
-A Mormon metro-sexual from Salt Lake
-A non-mormon girl from salt lake
-A war veteran (from iraq)
-A black girl
-A dude who is obsessed with his own body and working out

Oh Real i love thee.

13) Was drawn in by "The Bachelor" and "True Beauty" on ABC. both trashy, but both so addicting.

14) Got a new watch, and shoes, and clothes.....meaning i spent money i shouldn't have. OH WELL!

15) Was more excited that a new season of Biggest loser was starting than i was for Christmas.

I need a life. lame post. i'll repent and do better next time.