Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here it is...

as promised...

the much anticipated update of mr. Michael Morrell!!! no...i haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but after a recent bout with Mono (...don't even ask cause i have NO idea where i contracted this awful, AWFUL ailment) i kind of lost motivation to inform the online world of the goings on in my life. But here I sit, after running 1.5 miles (the first run in probably 8 months or so) more motivated than ever to let y'all know what's been going on.

Big event #1 (and probably the most exciting..): MARK AND KAYLINN's wedding.

SO, i flew down to Los Angeles to meet up with my sister Malissa to then drive up to Oakland with her the following day. I arrived wednesday night and we enjoyed some Italian food at a quaint little restaurant that i guess typically includes singing entertainment, unfortunately that night our service was a little slow and no singers. Went back to her place and was exhausted but of course had to say hello to these little guys, aka malissa's children Milo (the maltese) and Mcgee (the chihuahua).

We woke up early the next morning for the long drive up to Oakland, about 5 hours. Malissa listened to some book on tape that i didn't really understand and i just sat there.....looking out the bug encrusted window and smelling the wonderful smell of manure. my favorite. And of course stopped at In-N-Out where i engulfed A double double animal style and fries...animal style as well. Heart Attack in a box...but SOOOO worth it. (this would be the first of many stops to this yum place)

We arrived at our hotel in Oakland (the good ol' best western! gotta love it) and after a little discussion we were able to check into our rooms and get ready for the family dinner that evening. The Morrell's were in charge (that would be my family.....) but the Wright's (Kaylinn's family) had everything ready...except for the food...when we arrived at the church. That was much looked great....and the food was....pretty good. Olive garden. Mark had asked me to give a toast at the family dinner and a toast i did give. It wasn't anything amazing...nor was it memorized... but i made peeps laugh and that's all that matters. here it is:

Mark and Kaylinn


what does it spell? that's right. facebook.

Yes, I found out that these two lovebirds were dating all thanks to Facebook. Once I saw Mark's relationship status change from single to "in a relationship with Kaylinn wright" I had a suspicion that he might be dating someone. This was surprising beacuse mark was the big ladies man in the family and typically wasn't afraid to tell us all about I had to investigate. After Facebook and blog stalking mark and Kaylinn for a month or so.... We discovered they had been to Disneyland perhaps a few too many times, and eaten at chilis on numerous occasions. I had to meet this "Kaylinn Wright" in person – an event that was unheard of in the land of mark's past relationships. Shortly after meeting her, i was sold. In fact, i think i was sold before mark was.....and i'm not the only one. it wasn't hard to see why mark was letting us all in on this one. I mean, he didn't have much of a choice....after all.... They had already given birth to a bouncing baby boy, ruprecht. there was no turning back now. So, a couple more visits to Disneyland, cheesy blog posts, FB status updates, skookies, pei Wei, joghurt and a repaired wedding ring later we find ourselves here.... Celebrating the union of 2 people that we all love dearly. Here's to hoping the cheesy blog posts never end. And that you really don't name your child ruprecht. We wish you the best of luck w/ eachother. Kaylinn, we appreciate you putting up with our little tigger. Love you both.


now wasn't that just presh-us!??! whatever. it was better in person...i promise. The dinner finished nicely and the Wright's left to go pick up their missionary brother/son from the airport. The morrell's stayed to help clean up dinner and set up for the reception the next night. A few long hours later we were exhausted and went back to the hotel...this would be my last night to snuggies w/ mark in a hotel bed. A bitter sweet moment if i do say so myself. After the family gave mark some wonderful sex advice (inquire within...), we went to bed to prepare ourselves for the festivities the following day.

We arrived at the Oakland temple in the morning, and it was a gorgeous day out. you could see san francisco from the temple grounds (this made me super excited....since i'll be moving there in a few short months....)

I of course took some pictures of myself.... lookin' mighty fine... obviously.

The temple....the morning was seriously gorgeous.

Here I am with each of my nephews, and my niece. The whole family was there.... something that hasn't happened in a while so it was a good lil' gathering.

Krista's Kids (Lauren, Tyler, Kaden)

Julie's Kids (BJ (with a sneaky tyler...), Jack, Alex)

Joe's Kids (Jaxon, Zachary, Carter)

Malissa, Lauren, and I had babysitting duty while everyone was in the temple.... this is nothing new for us. So luckily tom had some hook ups w/ the peeps in oakland (he served his mission there) and we were able to use a big room in the stake center to keep the kids occupied for a little bit..... here was my set-up :)

That's right folks.... 2 car DVD players hooked to chairs..... with Bolt playing. thank you technology.

This kept them occupied for probably 3o minutes....and then i had to play duck duck goose and the quiet game w/ them for the remainder of the time..... and then just like that.....


Mark and Kaylinn emerge from the temple. presh.

Alot of pictures , and a lovely lunch at the Wright home later, it was time for the reception. partay!! there was yummy food and alot of people i didn't you know what i did all night. that's right. i ate. and felt awkward. and.....took some pics of course!

and then they were off...... to taint their once pure sounded even more graphic than just saying they went and did the nasty. whatever. I love kaylinn and am so glad she's now a part of our family. i guess i love mark too..

Big Event number 2: BFF Casey came to town!

Casey decided to take a quick trip up here to utah to just chill for a couple days. It was a fun weekend full of...well....nothing really. Eating, movies, a little shopping, relaxing. The ushe. We saw 17 again....and before you make fun of me...go see this movie. It's freaking hilarious. way better than expected....who know zac efron could actually act? anyways... It's always good to see casey, and i'm glad to have such a good friend even though we live alot of miles apart. surprisingly only one picture was taken that weekend.... here it is in all it's glory

that's right. thugzzzz at heart.

Big event #3: I wore a BowTie to work at Banana...that's right folks. be jealous of my coolness.

Nothing better than a hand-me-down from Gramps. :) people said they liked it...but in all reality they probably think i looked like a freak. whatever. to each their own.

Big event #4: I ran. Yup. I ran 1.5 miles tonight as stated above. an event that hasn't happened in quite some time. and let me just tell kicked my butt. i don't know if it's cause i have mono, or cause i'm just insanely out of shape, but i felt like my lungs were going to explode. but.... i'm hoping to continue this little trend and run frequently.

Can't really think of any other big things or things of note..... i've just been working both jobs and doing my best to save save save so that i can move in august.

So there you have it. take it or leave it. the update is complete. i'm hopeful the next post won't be so long and boring. bye!


coming soon. i promise.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


susan boyle....hello shaheen jafargholi. geeeeez.

Monday, April 13, 2009

love this

as well.... i've talked about eden before, and i've seen her live. katie thompson actually went to school with my sister's here at Mt. View and i am LOVING her voice recently. cool to see a hometown girl make it somewhere in life. she's hiding behind the piano, but you can see more of her at


makes me so happy. kristen wiig is a genius.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i realize..

that my blog has been boring lately. I apologize. To be quite honest, after a recent bout (sp?) with mono i've been too tired to do much of anything...........but i'm done w/ excuses and i promise that tomorrow, meaning sometime next week, i will update this lovely little blog of mine. I'll talk about Mark and Kaylinn's wedding and my lovely school newspaper. and perhaps a little bit about food. until then....go look at my friend casey's new website.