Saturday, May 30, 2009

NYC many of you may or may not know i just returned from a lovely trip to NYC this past week. I have wanted to blog about this trip for months...but couldn't. Why you ask? well...the whole thing was a surprise for my best friend casey. He knew he was going to New York w/ some friends for his birthday, but didn't know his friends from utah (my friend spencer and I) would be there. Since the cat is finally out of the bag, here's how it all went down:

Spencer and I left late wednesday night from utah and arrived in New York around 5:30 in the morning...we got our bags and headed to our hotel. Once we arrived there we just left our bags there and headed to get some breakfast at a fun little hole in the wall cafe. The food was good and relatively cheap. We then headed back to our hotel to take a little nap (in the lobby...since we couldn't check in for another 5 or so hours.....i felt slightly like a bum...but at least the chair was comfy) after a cat nap we headed down 5 ave and arrived at central park after some shopping. We just walked around for a little while and took some pics as seen below:

after spending some time here we headed back towards our hotel to surprise casey who would be arriving shortly. On the way we stopped in a big cathedral where some sort of service was going on...who knows what it was. but it was just cool to see all the random churches and cathedrals in the middle of this big city:

we arrived back at the hotel just in time to surprise casey and ....and surprised he was. He had no idea we were coming and it was great.  Our friend Rob flew in with him and so then the group was all together and decided to go see Shrek the musical that night.

 I loved the show.. It was so much better than expected and had one of my many favorite musical theater actresses in it, Sutton Foster. After seeing the show we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day: casey's birthday.

We woke up and went to an overpriced little place for breakfast.....($5.o0 for a small glass of orange juice) after some shopping and walking we met up with my friend Shawna who lives in New Jersey and had lunch. It was so good to see her since i rarely get to because of the distance. We ate at a delicious place called 5 napkin burger. If you're ever in NYC, go there. We also stopped to get some cupcakes at a place called Crumbs. I guess it's been featured on the food network channel. was delish. Here's shawna and I:

As we were walking through the city we stumbled upon the theater for the show we were most excited about 9 to 5 the musical. Casey and I were a little excited.....ok...alot excited. I had seen the show when it previewed in LA and I LOVED it. Casey had done all his research and was super excited as well....after all Allison Janney and 2 of our favorite stars from Wicked were in the cast. How could you NOT be excited?

We said Bye to shawna shortly after and a saw a movie in times square...and then went and rested before our big night out on the town. We had arranged to eat at Serendipity the restaurant that night (featured in the move Serendipity). We arrived there and had a wonderful dinner

and then headed back to the Marquis theater where 9 t0 5 was showing. the show was again AMAZING and we all loved it (pretty sure it was our favorite of the whole trip...)

The next day was saturday and we pretty much just walked and saw shows that day. We ended up seeing "Hair" and "Little Mermaid" i liked them both, and had seen little mermaid before but they didn't really compare to the others we had seen. I was excited to see hair because Gavin Creel who i have posted about before was in it, and i love his voice. There was also another amazing singer in it who i had never heard before named Sasha Allen...go check her out. 

On Sunday we decided to go down to Washington square (seen in August rush and I Am legend...and i'm sure alot of other movies)

We then headed down to Battery park where we could see the statue of liberty...and saw this lovely sign made by a sweet old lady street vendor during the cab ride:

lady liberty herself:

friends.....i guess: 

New York Stock Exchange

World Trade Center site:

After all this sight seeing it was time to head to the airport and part ways and get back to normal life. 

It was an amazing trip and great to be with good friends. thanks again to Rob who was the mastermind of the whole excursion. Coming back to real life was not great....but i'm almost adjusted now. here are just some more random trip pictures.....

and now here i sit in utah.....blah. anyways....that's all i have to say now. bye.