Thursday, August 27, 2009


so...i'm sitting here in my now shell-of-a-room. I just finished packing everything away into my shiny new car....and i'm surprised that it all fit.....sad to think though that every single belonging i have fits into that car.

i don't even know how i got it all to fit...but i'm not going to complain, and just pray that my car survives it all.

I've been kind of apathetic the past few days. Seems like things haven't really hit home to me yet that i'm actually moving. I'm not sure when this will actually hit....but i'd prefer it sooner than later so that i can just get it out of the way and move on :) I'm kind of an emotional person and would rather it all just hit at once. I've had a few minor breakdowns the past couple of days. just realizing that i wouldn't be seeing some of the people that i care most about in this world for a long time. But i realize that it's not the end of the world and this really will be a good thing for me. Thanks to technology i'll be able to keep in touch w/ all my loved ones and i'm so grateful for that.

So what's ahead? i don't even know. Plan is to leave here around 8:30 or 9 tomorrow morning and head to my brother Joe's house. My dad will be riding w/ me so i'll at least have some company. Hopefully we'll be arriving around 7ish. We'll spend the night there and then head to santa clara bright and early saturday morning...and that's when (i assume) the real fun will begin. I am not taking any major pieces of furniture so i'll be shopping for that as well as unloading all of my wonderful things into my new place.

It all sounds so exciting in retrospect....but i guess we'll see how it pans out. I feel like i've kind of put this wall in front of my eyes and am just taking things as they come. Hopefully once i'm settled i'll be able to better see what's going on around me and take it all in.

I'm hopeful i'll get some sleep tonight. I'm feeling pretty beat so i guess that's a good sign.

Again i need to thank all of my family members and friends who are supporting me throughout this process. It may not be the smartest decision to leave all of these great things behind, but i feel it's what i need to do. I feel like i've made a good decision in regards to where i stand in life right now and i'm excited for the future. I can't wait to find a school that i like and to really delve into the program that suits me best. Until then, i'll just keep chugging along and working my life away to pay for rent. :) yay. this should be a fun adventure.

Next time i blog it'll be from sunny california..... be excited.

Monday, August 24, 2009


sorry for the hiatus folks. It's been a crazy busy couple of months for me, and i realized today that some important things have been happening and will be happening in the next couple weeks and that i really should update the online world :)

as many of you know it's been in the plans for me to move to california to go to school (eventually :)) the plan was and still is for me to move out there and become a resident so that schooling will be cheaper. SO back at the end of july, my friend spencer and i headed out to california to find a place to live. spencer recently graduated from BYU and was offered a job out there, so this made the roommate situation ideal. I needed a place to live and didn't want to live w/ creepos, so thanks spencer for not being a complete creepo. anyways.... we went for a very quick/stressful/successful weekend trip to northern california to scope out a place to live. After 2 very intense days of searching, we found a place we both felt would be good and put a down payment on the place. YAY!!!!! that was step number 1. best things about the future apartment?
-Washer/Dryer IN-UNIT!!! quite the rarity out in california we came to discover.
-Hot Tub
-Fitness Center
-Right Next to a CEMETARY!!!!! morbid? no. smart? yes. it'll be SO quiet!!!
here are a few pics of the place....from the website so it looks a little nicer than it actually is...but i'll def be posting some before/after pics of the place once i move in.

Bathroom: No Nasty Glass sliding shower door=Happiness

One of the 2 bedrooms. I'm getting there first so...i get the big room :)

Dining room right off the kitchen

Kitchen. not my fave look. but ALOT nicer than most I saw

Pool best believe i'll be out here daily, workin on my tan :)

So yeah... found a place to live which was marvelous. Then, i went and talked to a Banana Republic to see if I could transfer to their store, and thankfully it was the right timing and I will be transferring to that store when i move out there. The apartment is located in Santa Clara (about 45 min south of san francisco, just west of San Jose) and i'll be working in Los Gatos which is about 15 minutes east of Santa Clara. I will then begin to job search once i arrive, but at least i have something to hold me over til i find something a little more stable. San Jose University is close by so that is definitely an option i'll be looking into as far as school goes.

somewhere Along the way i decided to start another blog. I've realized recently how much i absolutely love photography, and feel like i should share my love of my life through photography with the online world. if you have a chance, check it out. if you don't that's ok. mostly i just need an outlet.

So....the decision was made that unfortunately (....:)) the 1994 Isuzu rodeo that i've been driving for the last couple of years probably wasn't the best car option for me in this big move....would the rodeo have made it to california? yes. in one piece? i'm not so sure. So, thanks to my wonderful dad, i was able to get a new car (thanks dad!!!) it's a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit....and i'm in love. This little feller had everything i wanted: hatchback, sunroof, ipod dock, low miles, pretty. I feel like i got a really good deal on it and that my research paid off. Only unfortunate news about the car is that we decided not to register it while here in utah (to avoid paying registration twice) and so i haven't been able to drive it much..... legally at least :). So i'm excited for driving freedom/bliss w/ this little beauty and hopefully it'll be named soon.

So i've been saying goodbye to friends and loved one's the past couple of weeks. My last day at Banana Republic was a couple Friday's ago and i miss those people so much. I only worked there for about 9 months, but i grew to love each and every person i worked with. They threw me a little goodbye bbq up provo canyon and it was nice to be with everyone. my favorite coworkers were there, but unfortunately only got pictures with a couple of them.

This is Tiffany. I love her. She and I clicked from the get-go and we were able to make fun of eachother and work all at the same time.

This is Chanel. She and I definitely became great friends throughout my time at the university mall BR. She quickly became my closest work friend and i'm grateful to have worked w/ her. basically like adding another big sister to my life. presh. i know.

The other night some of my closest friends that i've known since Jr. High threw me another bbq and i was able to invite some close friends from BYU. It was great to see everyone all together.... unfortunately i forgot my camera and am relying on them to post the pics to facebook so that i can have them.......they are slacking.

Tomorrow is my last day at BYU and i have such bittersweet feelings. This job has been one of the only constant things in my life for the past 3 years and i've learned so many things while working there and made so many amazing friends along the way. The records/registration office made BYU bearable for me, and i couldn't be more appreciative to all who contributed to my success within that office. I learned not only professional skills but life skills along the way, and i'm truly grateful to everyone i've had the chance to work with. I will love and miss everyone....but it's time for me to move on.

I drive out of here on friday with all my possessions and my father in tow.

With all this change happening i have so many mixed emotions. Happy. Sad. Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Scared. Confident etc. etc. Utah is my home and will always will be, but i'm so excited to branch out and explore. I can't wait to find my new favorite place to eat. To go grocery shopping for myself. To find my favorite place to meditate. To have easy-access to the beach. To be less than an hour away from Wicked. To make new friends. To keep in touch with old friends. To learn. To grow. and most importantly to live life to it's fullest. i feel like you can't grow without pushing yourself. Without putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and slowly making them comfortable. I look forward to the next year in santa clara, and hopefully many more years of learning and growing.

i will be documenting every step of this move both through photos and words, excited :) i come.