Friday, October 30, 2009


i haven't posted in a fact over a month. sorry for the hiatus...i don't really have an excuse. laziness i guess/lack of inspiration. but here i am....after 3 oreos....ok.... 4 oreos... & a big glass of milk i'm ready to let my fingers fly.

Since i've last updated, quite a few things have happened.

Item #1: My lovely friend angela came to visit me for a couple of days. It was so good to see someone from was a great cure to my homesickness and we had alot of fun seeing the sights and laughing alot. Highlights from the visit:

-Day full of museums (legion of honor & the De Young)...I felt a little like Ferris Beuler, but...the great thing was i didn't even have to fake sick!

Probably favorite of the Monet.

Angela staring at the wall.

-Alcatraz. This was a first for me, and I loved it. I wrote a 15 page research paper on this place in 9th grade....and didn't retain a bit of information, so it was fun to re-learn everything about the prison & it's history.

On the boat heading to alcatraz...

The Rock...golden gate bridge in the background

Typical Alcatraz Shot ......sometimes you just gotta go :)

View of the city from Alcatraz

Delightfully foggy morning in San Fran

We then ventured to the italian district and ate yummy gelato and sandwiches....

after that the decision was to ride accross the golden gate bridge on bikes. I had never been actually on the golden gate bridge...but for some reason this excited me. I'm not a bike person either as most of you know...this was so out of character but it ended up being my favorite activity of the week.

pretty. uggo face on my part...but it was so fun.

.....look familiar? that's right folks.... the Tanner household. I could just imagine little Danny, Michelle, Joey, Jesse, D.J. & Stephanie eating dinner around the table....and then comet (the dog) comes in and makes the family complete. ........ presh.

I'm glad i have friends who are willing to spend time w/ me even when i live so far away... i wouldn't mind seeing more of you :)

That same week, I was offered & accepted a job with Bank of the West as a full-time teller. This is the type of job i've been looking for (let's hope i was looking in the right direction....) It will be monday-friday 8-5 which is nice and consistent. which i love. I will remain working at banana republic, where i was just promoted to Merchandise Presentation Lead....basically i'm working with all of the visuals in the store (manaquins, images, etc) and helping w/ all of the merchandising aspects of the store as well as helping w/ shipments, and closing the store and all that fun jazz. It'll be more responsibility than i have now (and more money :)) . i'm excited to learn more about that aspect of the retail business. So i'm going to be busy with work....but i'm hoping it will pay off in the end.

I'm learning to enjoy going to the singles ward out here..... church hasn't always been my cup of tea, and some days it's still a struggle, but i've come to realize that i need to swallow my pride and just do it. Although it's been interesting, to say the least, everyone is very nice and very..... utah :) seriously, everytime i walk into that ward i feel like i'm back home. everyone has some sort of tie to utah. far as i know, that's all that's happened lately. I'm a little sad to be away from home for halloween for the first time....never thought i'd actually miss having trick-or-treaters come to the door... but i'll do my best to eat some yummy candy...even though it's against my "Flat Belly Diet" rules. whatevs. it's a holiday :)

i'm done boring you.