Sunday, January 10, 2010


i've recently come to realize that i ask that question alot....

why do i have to work at 5 a.m.?
why did i just sleep through my 5 a.m. shift?
why do i have to work 2 jobs just to barely scrape by?
why do i have to work at all?
why am i sad sometimes?
why is there a girl in elders quorum today?
why did a homeless woman have to point out the fact that i have zits and she doesn't? ...she failed to mention the fact that i shower and she doesn't but still...
why do my feet hurt?
why can't i take 3 naps a day?
why haven't i blogged in what seems like ages?
why can't the holidays always be the same no matter how old i get?
why can't i eat everything i want and not get fat?
why can't i afford school?
why do i love reality tv?
why can't every day be a vacation?
why can't i afford an apartment that i really love?
why did i have to hurt my brand new car? (...still a touchy one...)
why did a rock have to chip my windshield?
why do i have to be responsible?
why do i have to do laundry?
why haven't i been to chili's since august?
why did all IMAX 3D showings of avatar have to be sold out this weekend?
why don't i have a nice new camera that i can just take a million pictures with?
why are my lips chapped?
why do i have trials?
why do i unintentionally hurt people i love?
why do people i love unintentionally hurt me?
why can't i keep any plants alive?
why is my room a mess?
why does my smoke alarm continue to beep every 3 minutes and 17 seconds?
why didn't i have cash to pay for a toll bridge fee resulting in a $25 bill being sent to me in the mail?
why am i not living closer to the city?
why is In-N-Out further away from where i live now, than it would be if i was still living at home?
why do i always long for something more?
why is the sky blue?....

.....ok i'll stop rambling. but you get the point. the sad thing is, i know the answer to every single one of these questions....i guess the problem comes because i just don't like the answer. so i guess as my new years resolution (cliche, i know) i'm going to stop asking "Why" and just accept things the way they are. there's no point stopping and asking "Why", because by the time you ask it, there's nothing that can be done to change the answer. all you can do is just accept things the way they are and move on with your life. simple enough for me :)

anyways.....all is well in california. i survived an earthquake. my first ever. just call me superman.