Sunday, March 7, 2010

the latest

suuuure my blogging has slowed quite a bit....but aren't you glad that i'm here now?!

so... life in california. where to start? I feel like all i ever do is work, with a few spurts of fun activities here and there.......

Bank of the west: I'm feeling more comfortable here each day...which for me is kind of scary in the job world. Once i get comfortable i get kinda bored and am ready for something new. I love the people i work with.... for the most part. there are definitely those days where being surrounded by women can get a little......intense?.... but by the next day things are fine :) vague...i know. The last couple weeks have been spent "getting ready for the audit"....which in my mind defeats the purpose of an audit.... shouldn't we be following these procedures always? and if we're not then..well... the audit will show. BUT...i just do what my manager asks and don't complain. for the most part :) Will i stay in banking forever? i really really hope i don't have to. but...for now its a good job that pays me enough to keep me there.

Banana Republic: i'm finding it hard to juggle these 2 jobs. I work m-f at the bank from 8-5 and have to squeeze in banana between there. so i'm either there at 5 am or staying there til 9 at night..making for some very long days. Recently i've been scheduled at 5 am 2 mornings and then working 2 weekend i feel like i never have time to just...relax. which for me is kind of a big deal. but i guess that's the price i pay for wanting to live in this....wonderful (??) state. I enjoy my coworkers there.... and the job is fine..... but again, i'm getting comfortable and am ready for something new. buuuuut dont have the luxury of being able to do that at this point.

Spurts of Fun-

I had the chance to go down to southern california to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law one last time before they move up this way ....and of course through their complete kindness got to spend some time at Disneyland....which i always love. It was a fun time had by all....not so much the rides......but the people watching and of course the CHURROS! ugh...i could eat those everyday for the rest of my life and be completely happy. Of course, it was the weekend of the crazy torrential downpour in southern california...nothing like masses of wet smelly people. :)

(love the kids face behind me)

Let's see.....a couple weeks ago i went with my roommate and some of his friends to the Maverick Surf Competition at half moon bay ...i guess this is a pretty big deal in the surfing world...which...i'm not even remotely a part of....but it sounded like a fun activity for a saturday with nothing better to do. i don't know if any of you heard about/remember hearing about a group of spectators getting swept out to sea for a bit of time at a surf was at that same competition. No, it wasn't me that got swept away, nor did i see it happen....but that's my latest claim to fame.

I've done a little bit of hiking out here....shocking i know....but when you're living here in this people-infested state you kind of just need some time to get out and be in wide open spaces. i'm learning to just really love and appreciate nature and how good it feels to just take some time for yourself.

Had a very low-key birthday celebration this year....had to work the weekend before and the weekend after and had to work on my birthday so....just went out to dinner to celebrate and ate a cupcake or two. or maybe it was three............mmm....could've been four. they were delicious.

Only other blog-worthy thing i've done recently is make a visit to San Francisco State University (i think this is where i'll end up going to school) to see what i needed to do in order to attend school there. after meeting w/ a nice lady named Collette (who sat at a cramped little cubicle that i had the joy of squeezing into to discuss my potential future....) i discovered i need to take a few more classes and apply and then be admitted hopefully to start school next january (i know...seems like forever away...but you gotta do what you gotta do). i think i have (once again) changed my mind with what i want to do for a career....and have landed back where i started when i decided in highschool that i wanted to be a history teacher. I love history....haven't always excelled in it...but i love it. and i feel like being a teacher fits me well. May not be the highest paying job in the world....but for now, it'll do. I'm just ready to get my education done for the time being and head down a career path. I think i'd like to do something w/ photography on the side....but i'm still figuring all that out. Might be nice to have a decent camera one of these days....i'll take donations :) so...yeah. that's life in a blog-shell.

time to finish making granny's homemade wheat bread. hope it turns out ok!