Saturday, May 8, 2010


what's the meaning of it? well..i'll tell you what i think it is. I think that the meaning of life is for EVERYONE to be HAPPY. isn't it so hypocritical (or maybe ironic..i dunno) when someone finds joy in making other people sad? i just wish we could all step outside of our selfish little boxes for a second and realize that no matter what our background; white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, gay, straight, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich, poor, etc. etc. we all ultimately want to be happy. As cliche and stupid as it may sound, don't you think the "golden rule" (do unto others as you would have others do to you) really is the solution to finding world peace? .....

i don't know many people who:

-love it when someone makes fun of the way they look, whether it be the color of their skin, their weight, the shape of their nose etc.
-want to be killed.
-enjoy being judged negatively based on religious affiliation
-like being stereotyped
-Love being hated based on their sexual orientation. (gay or straight...)
-plead with people to argue with them
-want to be dirt poor.

do you?

I just wish people would stop voicing their negative opinions and just live their own life in happiness. if you disagree with something? that's fine....but there's no need to lash out in response in negative and offensive ways. just acknowledge the fact that you disagree, and move on.

If pointing out what you feel is someone else's flaw makes you happy, i ask you to reconsider. find happiness elsewhere. go enjoy nature. go eat your favorite burger. eat a whole gallon of icecream. (apparently i like eating...) laugh with your friends. watch a movie. play with neices and nephews. crochet. do whatever it is that makes you happy as long as it doesn't include putting yourself "above" another person/race/religion/lifestyle/etc.

i'm going to put my small little reputation in jeopardy here and reference a movie that i may or may not have seen a few times...***cough cough highschool musical cough cough***... by saying..... "we're all in this together" let's make the best of it. if you don't want people saying offensive things about you, then stop saying offensive things about others. if you want to be happy? make someone else happy. catch my drift?

does anyone else agree with me?....or even understand what i'm trying to say? my thoughts are rambled....but they are very sincere. i'd love to hear yours.

what made me happy today?

beautiful california sunshine.