Friday, June 4, 2010


i somehow managed to lose my camera battery charger. this is sad for me. you know why? cause it's brought me to a decision point in my life. i hate making decisions. i might even venture to say.... i despise making decisions. ...... so what's the decision? here it is.

do I:

A) Buy a new charger

B) Buy a new camera altogether (..........i'm trying to convince myself that losing this charger is a sign for me to get a new nice camera...something that i've wanted for a long time now.....but am having a hard time rationalizing)


C) Don't spend a dime on any camera equipment so that i can fix my sad little damaged car door (don't ask.... )

thoughts? impressions? ...... really i just want someone to make the decision for me....... and then fund the decision as well. ok? is that too much to ask? i think not.'s super hot here. i felt like i was sitting in a sauna all day at work today. my complexion is lovely if you're wondering.

also.... i didn't eat dinner tonight cause i was trying to figure out my math homework..... if i continue on this trend, i fear i'll never eat again because still, after 4 hours, i have no idea what to do.

also..... i really wish that my neighbor wouldn't start their motorcycle right outside my window at 4 AM every day...... and then leave it running for 15 minutes before pulling away.

also..... i'm bored.

also..... i had a cheesecake filled chocolate cupcake today. yep. you're jealous.

also..... i love "toddlers and tiaras." (you know you do too......)

also...... when i discovered my fresh strawberries had become frozen in my fridge this morning, i almost had a melt down.

also...... i'm going home in 15 days. haven't been in utah in almost a year. things i miss the most? friends. family. cafe rio. kneaders. zupas. mountains. memories. BYU (did i just say that?!). grass.

also..... i'm done.

sometimes.... just gotta admit it.

if only they made this in big boy sizes.